Saturday, December 6, 2008


MixwitMixwit make a mixtapeMixwit mixtapes

I am in love with and want to marry this Kings of Leon song. To me it's what happy sounds like. Or it makes me happy. It's a chicken and egg thing, I don't know. Minute 1:57 - 2:19 in this song is how I've been feeling lately, enjoying the cool on my face and the clomp of my new shoes and the early December. Hey Tonight and Suffragette City are just the icing on the cake. Man, do I love Suffragette City. And Maggie May in the morning? What happy sounds like.


Estefanita said...

Yay, happiness! I know, I'm obsessed with that song now.

Scroll down to the middle of this entry - I think Karen Paris looks like you!

megan said...

I miss old fashioned mix tapes, though I do love the way the little tape cogs turn on this electronic one! It's with some shame that I inform you: You've been tagged

muralimanohar said...

How funny..just as I was reading this post, I was listening to that song. I am obsessed with KOL right shuffle is stuffed with them. :p