Saturday, December 6, 2008

So much fun!

amazing bear (with fangs)

The Thursday night class at Madewell was awesome! We had the perfect turnout for the denim bar area - just enough stitchers to fit in the cozy space. We had stencils to trace but almost all our stitchers just picked up the chalk pencil and drew something all their own. My favorite original design had to be the one above - a cute bear with fangs. How awesome is that?

This stitcher used part of a coffee cup stencil, but inserted her own cute bunny:
cutest bunny cup ever

I was blown away by these stitchers: they just picked up a hoop and created amazing stuff and for many it was their first time stitching! We showed a basic running stitch to get started but some stitchers quickly moved on to lazy daisies, split stitch, and french knots! It was a blast chatting with them, sipping martinis, and everyone was surprised at how relaxing and fun embroidery can be.

The awesome ladies at Sublime Stitching sent over some goodies to hand out, so everyone left with a sheet of free iron-ons and amazing little heart + hypodermic needle button (who thought of that one? Jenny? genius!) I've been getting to know Cal mostly through blogging so it was a treat to sit down with her and watch her stitch. She showed me a "magic knot" and really rocked the french knot instruction. :) I know I've said it before, but it's an extra-special experience to share embroidery in person.

cool stitchers at Madewell

I'm so bad about taking pictures, but at least I got these two ladies who closed out the night with us! Thanks to everyone who came out, and especially Cal and the great ladies at Madewell who worked so hard to put this together: Gigi, Alix, Laura, and Casey.

Were you there? I would love to see photos of what you made - leave a comment or send me an email (unafloresita AT gmail DOT com)! Or better yet, join the Embroidery group on Flickr (totally free) and show us your stuff!


Estefanita said...

There were martinis?? I would've gone if I still lived in NY! You said the magic word :)

Muddlepud said...

This sounds like such a fun thing to do. I bet it was very inspiring to be surrounded by so much creativity.

Anne said...

yes, it looks fun fun fun!

I have given you an award over at Them Elks...

beadgirl said...

Hi Flor! I finally finished my snowflake and posted it on Flickr (at least I think I did -- I've never used Flickr before). Thanks again for the fun event.

sewitsforyou said...

oh I wish I could have gone..Looks like you made some cute things..

Aubrey Longley-Cook said...

These embroideries are just too cute! I love the bear so much.