Sunday, January 4, 2009

How I kept busy

for my mother's birthday

So, it was stressful at home, but it was still so good to see my family and spend time with them. My mom has the dubious gift of having a birthday 2 days after Christmas, and we're normally so tired and scatterbrained after the holiday that we forget. Last year I made this felt decoration to hang while we ate cake, doing a few squares a day - I finally snapped a pic of it this year...

I found some knitting needles I forgot at my mom's last year, which spurred me to buy some more yarn at the Hobby Lobby:

new favorite yarn

Before I knew it, my mom had picked up my knitting and took over, and I'm so glad: I bought her a huge skein of yarn and she's had a hobby to keep her occupied over the entire stressful week with my dad. She says everyone compliments her work in the hospital, and several older ladies even told her that they always wanted to learn. There my mom is, inspiring everyone to learn! It just makes me feel happy inside...

I love this big, chunky yarn - it is so soft and fuzzy and feels amazing under your fingers:

working on a skinny scarf

My mom was adopted by a little black cat that is almost not a kitten. As soon as she'd get near my knitting she'd utterly freak out - I think she thought that clump of yarn was a living thing, the way she'd fight with it and purr at it... :)

gatito negro

A few more stories soon... :) Hope everyone's holiday was wonderful!


Estefanita said...

I am in love with your mom's cat. *sigh* I so wish I could steal her!

floresita said...

Take her! TAKE HER! I'm sure she's very lonely now with my mom spending lots of time in the hospital - go get her! :)

erinberry said...

I love your "Feliz Cumpleanos" banner!

Best wishes for your dad's recovery.