Wednesday, January 14, 2009

a real Polaroid


Here's an actual Polaroid of my family (again, the earlier generation, so it's missing me and my older brother.) Nevertheless this is one of my favorite pictures. :) Just wanted to update any of you who are curious about my dad's progress, and thank everyone who has sent me words of encouragement, left comments, or even just thought a kind thought on behalf of my dad.

Since his surgery on Thursday my dad has been recovering quickly - he responded well to tests doctors did on him the next day, and although he was confused (which is natural, after brain surgery) he's been improving every day. He was impatient with all the wires, tubes, and observation in ICU and was not in a great mood while there. But yesterday he was moved from ICU to a regular room and he had a really good day. He's back to speaking clearly, in complete sentences, and recognizing all of his (many) children and grandchildren by name. My sister said that when she visited with him he prayed constantly for everyone, including me. She said she showed him a picture of me and he called me m'ija, and my name, and prayed for me. It's something he always does when I'm in town, and it just made me happy to hear. So thanks again for your kind words - I'm sure he'd be amazed to know how many people have been thinking of him and wishing him well.


Rosa said...

That's good news about your dad. You must be so relieved by how well he's doing now.

And can I just say: Your mom? Gorgeous! Hello!

Wendy said...

What a sweet family photo. Everyone looks so happy. I'm glad to hear your father is improving so quickly.

Hannita said...

So happy to hear that about your dad.

Claudia said...


it's wonderful to here you papá is doing so well. when i first read your post about how he was doing during your visit i felt so sad. i too have family members struggling with health issues including my mom, there have been moments when i've been very scared but then she get better and i try to enjoy her as much as i can. i so happy for you and your family to hear you dad is doing so much better.

best wishes,

sewitsforyou said...

I am glad he is feeling better!