Friday, April 10, 2009

Furniture for a restless mind


I just snapped up a wonderful little book the other day for a special person I cannot name, who'll be receiving it soon. I totally flipped when I looked in the back and saw the tiny plastic templates to trace the outfits. Now, aside from the fact that they are drawn to fit a body with no hips, they are so sweetly drawn.

textures and patterns

I fell so hard for those little templates that I scanned them into my computer (new hard drive, yay!) and embarked on hours of fun with them + online fabric swatches. It's all the fun of the paper version, with no scissors! (And I'm such a perfectionist with scissors, it's a blessing to be apart from them.)

little outfits

I love seeing the different textures, and how the outlines stand out so crisply and cleanly, like real cut-outs. Too much fun. This is just another one of the little "projects" I like to do in my spare time - because I find it hard to be still. Oddly, it is in the process of making, embroidering, and thinking through these little projects that I become still, and quiet within myself. Does that make any sense? Anyway, if you flip at all over teensy-weensy traceable things, this book will bring hours of fun.


Jane said...

How super fun! I saw that book at the airport recently. I was so tempted to buy it. Reminded me of one of my all time favorite toys- Fashion Plates!

Gumbo Lily said...

Is that cute or what???


sewitsforyou said...

oh what a fun book. I just said on flickr it looked like paper doll clothes.. DUH

Orjana said...

Oh, this reminds me of when I was a little girl! I have tagged you with a Karma Award (one of those pass-on things) on my blog as I enjoy visiting your site!