Sunday, September 27, 2009

Conversations: Carina

Conversations: Carina
1. saying goodbye by me 2. Pink curlicues by Carina
3. my threads by me 4. Happy yarn colours by Carina

Where can I start with Carina? She is so incredibly talented, and crafty, and lovely, that I don't know where to begin. Ok, first of all her blog: go read it. No really, just click on that link, and take a look. That's the first part of amazing Carina. Her mind works so quickly, so creatively, so intently, on so many levels it is staggering. Carina's beautiful sense of color is what stands out the most in my brain. It's what she instills in her crafts, her embroidery, her paintings, her sketches, even in her blog design itself. Her color palette is happy, vibrant, alive.

She has an online store, and just viewing it is a treat - really, go look at it. She co-blogs and Twitters with us on Feeling Stitchy and her finds are always like her: unique, colorful, artful, creative, vibrant.

Of course, my conversation with Carina must be colorful, since Carina speaks rainbow. :) Thank you Carina, for truly coloring my world!

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Carina said...

Oh my, oh goodness! Thank you. I mean, WOW! Thank you dear Flor - you totally made my day! :-)