Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Conversations: Olivia

Conversations: Olivia
1. hippos by me 2. junk store ponies by Olivia
3. the view by me 4. cold by Olivia

Olivia is an example of someone I met very randomly on Flickr - I believe we commented on each other's pictures of cupcakes. :) Yes, that is how randomly connections begin... I was in awe of her adorable crafty projects, and we even collaborated on a felt project together. We've swapped little mail packages, although I must say hers were always much better than mine.

Adding someone as a Flickr contact gives you a front seat to view a very curious process - most people come and go when it comes to posting - falling off when life becomes stressful or they find other interests. Someone who started as an art-photo only person dedicates themselves to cats, babies, or embroidery, later. But what I viewed with Olivia was a steady progression in the beauty of her images until they just all amazed me. And I wasn't alone! Click on any of her photos and you'll likely see many, many, many favorites and comments. I feel honored to have been one of her first contacts and to have watched her skill progress until it became so sharply honed. And I'm still happy to swap an occasional goofy-humored email with her now and then.

So my conversation with Olivia contains elements that I love in her work: humor, emotion, color, and beauty. Thanks Olivia, for sharing with me your talent, humor, and gorgeousness!


Olivia said...

Aw, Flor, this made me teary! You are such a beautiful, amazing person! I am honored to be your friend!!

Thank you, dear! You are a gem!

IamSusie said...

Flor- These connversations are wonderful! What a great idea. Beautiful images and inspiration!