Monday, September 28, 2009

Conversations: Rectangel

Converstions: Rectangel
1. the blossoms by me 2. Sakura by Erin
3. the first mermaid by me 4. Mucha-closeup by Erin

Erin (or Rectangel) is another fabulous stitcher I first encountered on Craftster. I was overjoyed when she brought her stitching to Flickr - you'll recognize her beautiful, detailed work as you're going through the Embroidery pool. I mean, really - look at this. And this. And you really must get a closer look at my favorite, pictured above, the Mucha girl.

Over the years, she's volunteered tutorials and posts on Feeling Stitchy, and has shared many awesome vintage transfers on Flickr. She's a veteran of many swaps and Tea Towel Tours on Craftster, and you can count your lucky stars if you're ever on the receiving end of her stitchery. To sum it up, she's an example of one of the many kind, honest, giving, and artistic people that make the internet truly wonderful.

My conversation with Erin shows just a few bits of her talents, visit Flickr or Craftster for the real deal. Thanks, Erin, for sharing your beautiful skill and love of your craft with the world!


megan said...

gah! what amazing stitching!

p.s. the word verification for this is "shizesse," which I really enjoy - sounds simultaneously classy and ghetto.

floresita said...

Aw yeah - shizesse! You got shizesse, Megan, I know it. :)