Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Conversations: Average Jane Crafter

Conversations: Average Jane Crafter
1. jitterbug girl by me 2. Zombie Jitterbug Girl by Rachel
3. gold shoes find love by me 4. found heart ... in a pickle by Rachel

Rachel, or as you may know her on Flickr - Average Jane Crafter is a supremely awesome crafter and person. I'm pretty sure I first met her through blogging - her blog has pretty much been awesome from the get-go. She's another one of those sweet, wonderful crafters I've had the honor to watch progress. I was crazy excited for her when all of a sudden, I saw that she was blogging for Craftzine. Yes, she's that amazing woman combing through umpteen blogs culling out the most wonderful bits to inspire you. Doing that job alone wins my respect, but of course, she's a mom, too, she teaches at Stitch Lab, and if you're lucky you'll see her pop up at Craftzine's booth in various crafty fairs.

As you can see above, she has (literally) a killer sense of humor. :) I will never get over how hard I laughed when I saw the awesomeness that was Zombie Jitterbug girl. I remember posting that pattern to my vintage transfers blog hoping someone would see how insanely creepy that pattern was and do a riff on it. Well, leave it up to Rachel, to do the greatest riff of all time on that puppy. And more dark humor? Take a look at this, which is the greatest public service announcement to check your Halloween candy that I have ever seen. :) But her sense of humor is just one small part - she's also sweet and generous and of course, an amazing stitcher. She was one of the peeps stitching on Jenny's new Embroidered Effects book, and if you thumb through a copy, you'll see why.

I love that she loves birds, flowers, science, and considers herself a "geek". I myself feel like a geeky, nerdy crafter, and the geek in me seriously hearts the geek in Rachel. :)

So, my conversation with Rachel of course includes my fave piece of all time from her, and a bit of the love she shares with all of us lucky peeps online. Thanks, Rachel, for making the craft blogging world feel less like a big, crazy mish-mash, and more like an intimate, funny, encouraging, inspiring community. You are the best, my friend!


Average Jane Crafter said...

hehehehe! OK, I wasn't commenting yesterday to get a conversation for myself, but I'll take it! ;) I am smitten with your conversations, and honored to be part of one! :)

And, yes, the Zombie Jitterbug Girl remains one of my faves, too. Yours was one of the very first embroidery blogs I ever read, and your scans of vintage embroidery patterns has always made me giddy. You were always so welcoming and supportive on the Flickr embroidery group (back when there were just 300 members!) and you were a huge part of what kept me going. So THANK YOU! :)


Alli said...

I love Rachel's dark humor embroidery pieces! Along with yours, hers was one of the first blogs I ever read. I remember her commenting on my blog when I first started out, and how much that meant to me. Yay for Rachel!

floresita said...

Tee hee. Comment at your own peril, shy peeps! ;) Thanks Rachel, we've been doing this for such a long time, it's so nice to look back and remember... your words are extra special to me. :)

Yup, Alli, she rocks. :)

Claudia said...

ha-ha! that's how i felt too.

rachel's zombie girl and the razor in the apple always come to mind when i think of halloween embroidery. they always put a smile on my face, thanks rachel!