Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Conversations: elsie*cake

Conversations: .elsie*cake.
1. gloves bought today by me 2. little camper (WIP)... by Elsie
3. worry doll necklace by me 4. i like purple and aqua. by Elsie

Here's what I know about Elsie (or, elsie*cake, on Flickr) - she endlessly inspires me! She has a blog and an online store called Red Velvet Art which also has a great blog.

I find myself favoriting her pics on a daily basis, but it wasn't until I actually sat down and clicked through her entire stream that I realized how many of her images I loved. Seriously, just do it people, take a look. I'm enamored with her use of bright, gorgeous color, the sense of fun in all her photos and her vibrant, artistic personality that comes through in everything she does. I also love her sense of personal style - that she's not afraid to have fun with her clothes and be totally unique and unusual.

My conversation with Elsie is about color - in particular, the vibrant blue I found in so many of her photos. Thanks, Elsie, for being such an inspiration to me and everyone!


This girl said...

I absolutely adore your worry doll necklace! Just tellin' ya.


- Amy

Alli said...

How do I not know Elsie? I just clicked over to her blog and immediately ran to my reader to subscribe. So inspirational! Thanks, Flor!

JigsawJones said...

I love her.