Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Conversations: Geninne

Conversations: Geninne
1. lovely mistakes by me 2. A hat, a scarf & a cane by Geninne
3. pillowcase for a dear friend.... by me 4. Hello Love by Geninne

Geninne's talent leaves me breathless. I've followed her work ever since finding her in a random search on Flickr, and her talent is extraordinary. Geninne has an Etsy shop, and if you stop by Urban Outfitters, you may be lucky enough to find some of her licensed prints being sold there.

I probably found Geninne first for her embroidery and crafts. But then I stumbled on her gorgeous watercolor and ink illustrations, and I was truly hooked. Her journals are unbelievable - a magical world where color, form, and ink transform the blandest page into something sublime. I love how effortless her art seems - although exquisitely detailed, rendering these perfect forms seems to come so naturally to her. I love the photos of her studio, and the way she invites you into her creative process. And, of course, I love that she loves birds. :)

I also enjoy Geninne's frequent illustrations of Bible verses. She has a way of elegantly and beautifully reducing their meaning into a very visible, powerful symbolism. There's something about the simplicity of that language that tells me it speaks of great faith and hope.

My conversation with Geninne is about pride, birds, watercolor, and artwork. Thank you, Geninne, for inspiring us all with your flawless work, and for the friendliness with which you invite us into your world. This world is truly richer for your work!

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Stephanie said...

OH.MY.GOSH ~ Thank you for this one :) She is amazingly talented and I am HOOKED on those journals. Inspired: Need to find my empty journals...NOW! I will be reposting this on my blog, okay with you??