Friday, October 30, 2009

Conversations: Georgia McDonald

Conversations: Georgia McDonald
1. tee hee by me 2. The Princess and the Pea (in progress...) by Georgia
3. monkey face by me 4. A very woolly bear by Georgia

Georgia McDonald is an amazing crafter who really knows her way around embroidery. I found her first when stumbling on her beautiful Princess and the Pea embroidery, which you have probably seen already, but even if you have, just take a look at it again, it is out of this world, delicate and inspiring. You'll frequently see her embroidering Follow the White Bunny patterns, and her fill-in stitches and choice of colors always bring them to life in a delightful way. She is also a gifted quilter and crafter, using her sense of color to make beautiful things.

My conversation with Georgia is about all things whimsical, sweet, and textured. Thank you Georgia, for inspiring me every time I click through to your stream!

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Georgia said...

Awwwww, thankyou so much.♥♥♥