Monday, October 26, 2009

Conversations: Green bean baby

Conversations: Greenbeanbaby
1. details, details... by me 2. floss those teeth- cut paper illustration by Ellia
3. humbert by me 4. i have to cough- illustration by Ellia

This is not the first time I mention Ellia on this blog, or greenbeanbaby, as you may know her from Flickr or her blog. Ellia has an Etsy shop where she sells her amazingly hand-crafted paper wares.

I met Ellia through a Holiday swap, in which I crafted a felt version of one of her cut-paper characters (above left in the mosaic). What stuns me about Ellia is her artist's dedication to exquisite detail. You must order something from her (extremely frugally priced) shop to understand what I'm talking about. She cuts each miniscule shape by hand. Her imagination and creativity know no bounds, something a look through her work will show in 10 seconds. She has a very distinctive style that is so sweet, unusual and appealing. She's super-generous with her talent, posting tutorials and step-by-step help in getting started in paper craft. But it's of course her stunning talent at making that sets her apart. I love that she's a bit "geeky", drawing inspiration from video game, movie, and comic book characters. She's a sweet, wonderful person, to make a long story short.

My conversation with Ellia is about her talent: cut paper art. Don't pass up the opportunity to visit her photo stream or shop, as you will not regret it! Thank you Ellia, for bringing beauty and exquisitely crafted art to the internet!

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greenbean art said...

awww floresita!! thank you for the sweet sweet words!!! it's amazing how time flies and how long we've known each other :) i am constantly reminded of your beautiful work everyday that i'm in my studio :) you are such a sweet person and inspiring!!!