Saturday, October 10, 2009

Conversations: Kajsa

Conversations: Kajsa
1. Holiday monkeys in a row by me 2. Tomte gang by Kajsa
3. hope you had a happy Holiday by me 4. c is for... mini art quilt by Kajsa

Kajsa, or -syko- is a wonderful artist whose beautiful, unique work you may have seen on Flickr. Seeing Kajsa's work is a beautiful revelation of the way talent and artistry manifest themselves. I believe crafting is something that anyone can (and should) engage in and enjoy. But when an artist brings their unique gifts and vision to craft, it is breathtaking to watch, and it is very clear to me that Kajsa is an artist. She has a website, Etsy shop, and a blog. I was honored to have her blog with us on Feeling Stitchy in our first year.

The pieces I used above don't even begin to represent her talent - you must see more to understand: like this, or this, or this, or this. I could literally go on all day, and in fact, I would rather not include my images at all in the mosaic, I love her work so much. As crafters, I find we all borrow and exchange ideas and motifs in our work, often working the same patterns in different ways. But Kajsa's work is so unique and inspired that I recognize it immediately as something very individual. I love her sense of color, shape, and texture, and her expertise at mixing machined work, hand embroidery, and applique.

My conversation with Kajsa include color, lines, and textures. Thank you Kajsa, for bringing your unique style and individuality to the crafting world, and for inspiring us all with your artistry!

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