Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Conversations: Old School Acres

Conversations: Old School Acres
1. monkey painting: il fait froid by me 2. owl by Laurie
3. bananaquit at a bar by me 4. bird by Laurie

Laurie, or Old School Acres, as you may know her from Flickr, or her blog, is another wonderful blogger to whom a thanks is overdue. Laurie blogged with us on Feeling Stitchy last year, posting many wonderful tutorials and features.

Probably, though, the way you'll recognize Laurie immediately is by her amazing owls. I am always fascinated when crafters and artists strike out on their own, creating something so unique and beautiful and completely theirs. Laurie's owls are radiant, impeccably detailed, and gorgeous. If you are lucky enough, you can snap up some of Laurie's hand-embroidered baby shoes or owls in her Etsy shop.

My conversation with Laurie is about color and liveliness and life. Thank you Laurie, for bringing all of those things to Feeling Stitchy, for your generosity, your love of the little things, and your commitment to making such radiantly beautiful things we can all enjoy.

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LollyChops said...

I actually won an owl from Laurie last year and nearly fell over when I found out (and then basically passed out when I got it in the mail). The workmanship on it was simply breath taking. She's seriously talented.