Friday, October 2, 2009

Conversations: Sally

Conversations: Sally
1. embroidering my skirt by me 2. Kristen's needlecase - up close by Sally
3. Sew Kitty facing the right way by me 4. Kristen's needlecase - green by Sally

Sally is another kind and wonderful crafter I met on Flickr. She was with us on Feeling Stitchy for our first two years, she's active in swaps, and is a multi-crafter who's gifted at embroidery, crochet, sewing and more. She also has a brand new Etsy store.

Sally is an Australian crafter, which never ceases to fascinate me - I love how crafting and blogging has become a medium to unite so many unique individuals together so we can learn from each other, send each other goodies, and be a part of each other's visual experiences. I owe her a swap, but more than that I owe her a thank you for being such a kind and thoughtful online friend.

My conversation with Sally includes lots of what brought us together - of course: embroidery! Thank you Sally, for being a part of my world. :)


Sally said...

aww shucks Flor - thanks for the kind words. I'm loving reading all your conversations. It's interesting to see the breadth of your online friendships. All the different crafters, from different places with their own unique style and personality. You've met some lovely people! But that's probably cause you're lovely too... :-)

Karin said...

Wonderful photos, I especially love that needle case!