Thursday, October 15, 2009

Conversations: Wren's Nest

Conversations: Wren's nest
1. her heart by me 2. Small Ex Voto with Santos by Jackie
3. pieces by me 4. Sachets Ready to Be Stuffed by Jackie

Jackie, or Wren's Nest on Flickr, is a lovely, generous blogger I first met through a Tea Towel swap she was hosting. She has a blog and online store called Dreams of France full of wonderful, dreamy little items. Jackie also blogged with us in our first year at Feeling Stitchy, making great inspiration mosaics.

I'm not ashamed to stay I still have the beautiful towels she embroidered for me folded up and saved away for the unlikely event that I will ever actually use them. :) They're just so gorgeously stitched I can't do it. :) Looking through Jackie's photostream I'm struck by the details she notices -I suppose all of us crafters have this eye for detail, for repeating motifs that bring us comfort or joy. I love the ex votos in her stream, like the one above, and the quiet, understated mood in all her photos.

My conversation with Jackie includes a taste of her craft and little details. Thank you Jackie, for your sweet personality, your kindness, and your inspiration!


Kayla coo said...

Lovely work.x

Rebekah said...

I am just loving all your conversations. I am not sure how I missed them all.

Thanks for including me in them as well.