Friday, November 20, 2009

PW Actions on a city pic

Hey guys! You were so cool about the Photoshop actions post that I decided to trot a few actions pics by you, just for kicks.

I had a city pic that I liked but was somewhat, meh about:

So, I basically tried every Pioneer Woman Action imaginable on it.

This one's my fave, I used (I think): Old West, Dim the Lights, 70's:

Here's Soft and Faded:

Here's Lovely and Ethereal + Soft and Faded:

(The Lovely and Ethereal seems to brighten things up and give a warm glow...)

Here's 70s:

And here's 70s + Colorized, which seems to leach out most of the strong colors:

So, what do you think? Is your fave the same as mine? I'd love to see if any of you have tried the Actions on your pics! :)


tallmisto said...

I love her actions set. I edit photos for a photographer and he has is own set that I use for him. However, I like hers a lot. Not too much goop over your photos in her set. They mix and match good too. I love the 70's action over your shot. Great shot btw. I think you can see some actions of hers that I used here -
love using the lovely and ethereal on babies.

Kelly said...

Have you tried doing a tilt-shift? I don't know how to do that in Photoshop - I just have an app on my iPhone that does it, but I'm sure there's something out there that would tilt-shift in Photoshop. Could look very cute!

Alli said...

I love the 70s colorized, but they all give a really nice look to your photos! Actions are so fun.

megan said...

My favorite is definitely the same as yours. These are so fun! I wish I could use them, but I only have photoshop elements.

Nicky said...

Yeah... good old photoshop! If you know how to use it, the creativity can be endless, if not...grrrrrr! I love the first and second shots you took- so rich and full of color!!! Thanks for sharing :)