Friday, February 19, 2010

Catch-up Madewell post

stitched to pass the time

This post comes a bit late as I was pokey about getting my pics uploaded, but I still wanted to share them with you. I did a Denim After Dark event at Madewell the first Thursday of this month, and as usual, it was awesome. Above, you see the complimentary beverage of the evening, atop a scrap of jeans I stitched with variegated thread to keep my hands busy.

I loved the way I'd set up my sign and mini-embroideries this time (ahem, I forgot to take pictures, but it was similar to last time.) Anyway, it must have looked cute, because a girl approached in a rather squirrelly fashion, said not a word to me, snapped a few pics of my display, then scampered off. It was quite amusing. :)

I love the collaboration that strikes up when a really excited person has an idea and you just run with it. I usually stick to smaller initials, but this time, a girl sketched out a great idea for two large, disguised E's and I had to try it.

I love how it's a design with a hidden meaning:
last jeans of the night

Here's a closeup of that variegated DMC floss my sister sent me, which contains all my favorite colors - a nice deep 321 red, which softens into a vivid coral-ish pink:

And, on the red theme, here's a snap of a red dress I bought in honor of Valentine's Day (although I of course did not wear it on Valentine's Day:


I like how the Christmas mittens made an impromptu appearance in that one. :)

Do you ever buy clothing you have no intention of wearing anywhere? I do this kind of often, and until I started photographing my clothing, I thought it was pointless. :) But maybe there's something about the texture and feeling of the clothing, the enjoyment you get from it, and the excitement of playing dress-up that is a joy in it itself, and doesn't need to be shared. And plus, where, would I wear this? Come to think of it, it would be kind of fun to just go grab a burger in this dress. ;)

What's the last crazy thing you bought that you have no intention of wearing anywhere? :)


spotted dog farm said...

mmm - i love madewell! need to visit there soon, although i don't know of them having any embroidery or parties at the one here!

i bought a fur coat today at a thrift store and doubt i'll wear it out. but it's on my bed now.

Rosa said...

Have a gray dress because the skirt had a pleated panel. Will never, ever wear it because I never, ever wear dresses!


Lavender said...

I bought a pair of Fluvog shoes last year that I still haven't worn yet. The colour is the most beautiful pale green and I just love them at first sight.