Monday, November 14, 2011

Mosaic Monday: more green

Mosaic Monday: more green
    1. castle ruin by mju.tabor, 2. picnic by Daisy Pink Cupcake
    3. uncredited Pinterest fave, 4. bear poster

I have green on the brain lately. It's funny because green is a color I rarely wear and pretty much never craft with - but it's a color I love in nature.

When I was a recent college graduate (many years ago!) I remember striking out to get my first apartment on my own. Aside from the interior being in basic working order, I had only one requirement: I must be able to see green from the window. There's something about trees that make me absolutely calm - I love the sound of wind moving through leaves and the way green looks especially green on a cloudy day wet with drizzle...

Here's a color palette I put together from these pics - predictably of course - I included only a teeny bit of green. :)

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