Thursday, November 17, 2011

Three Things Thursday: leaves love

three things + palette
   1. Celebrate Color! Napkin Rings by Mollie Johanson
   2. hello harvest by elsie*cake
   3. cross stitch heart by Jessica Decker

Just a few faves and a palette I put together on the theme. I love how fall feels warm and cold, both. These cold mornings have been reminding me of New York - the chill that makes all the warm smells of kitchens and restaurants swim up to your nose in one long, delightful parade.

Sometimes I miss you, New York.


Mollie. said...

I'm extremely honored to have my photo be included with these two talented ladies! Thank you!

The winds have blown most of the leaves away here, and we're getting more of the coldness of the fall...sad, but it's that time...

floresita said...

Hi Mollie! Thanks for dropping by! :) Your wonderful pictures are always inspiring me. :)

We don't have too many fall leaves here -not because of the cold but because it's too warm- but your sweet little project reminded me of them. :)