Tuesday, November 29, 2011

typography tuesday: color and site design


Here I am again with a few typography related tidbits...

Found this wonderful site design that was featured on one of my blog subscriptions recently:
It's super-fun to scroll through, I highly recommend investing a few seconds to click over. I loved their choice of fonts, which you can see here. s3
I love imaginative designs like these - what is it about people who just think in a unique way and do something totally different? That inspires me. In a world filled with endless repetition, it's unique things that call out to me.

I also loved the vibrant colors they chose - just a few basic bright shades that are repeated over and over:
Here's another featured "parallax scrolling" site I loved:

Check out the little rocket! :)

Looking at the colors on that site I saw again there's a common theme to site colors I enjoy - again that blue and orange:

Here's another nice site design - I love how clean and stark it is: playlists

And, once more, I notice a familiar color scheme I enjoy: playlists
I'm starting to see how important color is in (at least my) enjoyment of a design - I'm seeing that it's every bit as important as typography and where things are on the page...

And lastly, here's a really nice spot for design inspiration:
I love that she also includes a color palette at the top of each page generated from the posters - so even if the designs don't strike your fancy you can still be inspired by the underlying colors.

Speaking of designs not striking your fancy, I'm very on the fence about my Pinterest account lately - I was super inspired when I first found it, but lately I find it tiresome - there's so much repetition - a lot of people re-pinning Lauren Conrad's hair or the Olsen twins' makeup and baggy sweaters. I really am tired of the past 3 years of fashion and just wish tailoring would come back in style! Do any of you follow anyone interesting on Pinterest? It's just not inspiring me so much right now...

Enough grumbling - hope you enjoyed today and that your Thanksgiving holiday was wonderful! :)

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