Wednesday, November 30, 2011

wardrobe wednesday: a green knit suit


A little sketch of a woman in a cute knit suit I saw last week. I was fascinated by the bright colors and the intricate print. It had black piping along the collar and edges, sort of an almost Asian style to it.

knit suit

Here's a palette of the colors as I remember them:

I have all kinds of ideas about photographing my own wardrobe and uploading it here, but I inevitably hate 98% of the photos I take of myself. So maybe I'll do a sketch from time to time? It occurred to me that I sketch so infrequently now - I need to keep up some practice or I'll get totally rusty...

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Sandra Rose said...

sketching is quite pleasurable for our brains as well - one side relaxes - as the other focuses. And it's a shame you don't like the photos of yourself - your judgement is misguided I think.