Friday, December 2, 2011

flashback friday: one year of knitting like a fiend

Hat #7, or my first beret

starting Hat #6

It's hard to believe, but November and December mark one year of knitting like a fiend, for me. :) I started knitting, in all truth, to adjust to my new life in Texas - San Antonio is so unlike New York - the energy is different, the people are different - and after 6 years in another city, I was different. Knitting helped calm me and gave me lots of time to think, or, when I needed to, not to think. It's been a comforting companion through many a TV series, too. :)

Another reason I was knitting so hard last year was because I was jobless and Christmas was coming - I had no money, but thanks to my friend Linda, plenty of yarn. So I knit 11 hats (in 1 month!) for family and friends. I've said it before, but I love things like my once a month Photojojo email and Flickr. Because I have these moments when I feel convinced that I haven't done anything - but then I look over all the photos of everything I've made, loved, and given away to people I love, and I feel a great sense of joy and peace. I may not be perfect, and I may not create like a machine, and I can be disorganized, but I can create, and I can share happiness with loved ones with the things I create. How much more blessed can you be in life? :)


jill said...

love the hats! and i had no idea we were in the same city!

Linda P said...

pretty! i have more yarn for you, too (if you want it).

also, i have something silly for your bday. craft night soon?