Thursday, December 1, 2011

three things thursday: holiday greens

holiday green
   1. Evergreen tree stocking, 2. green eyes, 3. crochet wildflowers scarf

A few Pinterest and Flickr faves for today - I love that odd, sea, forest-y, wintery green. And since I'm sure I could never pull off green eyeshadow without looking like a David Bowie wannabe, I'll just let the lovely Keiko Lynn do it for me. :)

Lately I am fascinated by the energy of prolific bloggers. I know firsthand how much energy and dedication it takes to put even one post together - so I'm in awe of people who create new photos, makeup, tutorials, and stitch projects, every single day. I'm looking at you, Alli, Keiko Lynn, Mollie, and lucky jackson. Ok, I may not ever have that level of energy and just - organized-ness. But thank you, you guys, for being so prolific that every day you inspire me. :) Does anybody out there inspire you?

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