Monday, January 2, 2012



One of the things I have the hardest time with for the past few years is prioritizing. I don’t think it’s just me - we are all deluged by little bits of information, every second of the day. For example, when I first started the Embroidery group 6 years ago - I started it because 1) there was no Embroidery group on Flickr and 2) it was hard to find photos of embroidery on the internet. Now - do a search on embroidery and you are flooded with results - beautiful stuff, blah stuff, exciting stuff, traditional stuff, artistic stuff, amazing stuff.

I remember the days when I’d comb my 5-6 favorite blogs or photostreams for daily inspiration. Now - I have a shortlist of more than 50, and every day I find new people and new projects. With everything and everyone attracting my attention, and every second new, cool, amazing projects popping up, I’m gonna be totally honest and say I am overwhelmed. I can no longer keep up with everything. I have to choose. I have to prioritize.

Add to that, my real life - again I’ll be totally honest and admit that in previous years I was completely content with staying inside 95% of the day, combing the internet, editing photos, and being very indoorsy. But now that I’ve moved back home, I have loved ones and family that are super-important to me. In the end, if I have to choose between writing another blog post, and hanging out with the people I love, people I love are gonna win, every time.

So, to make a very long story short, I decided that this new year was going to be all about making priorities. Deciding what is most important, and doing that. To help me in this task, I’m making a to-do list I’ll refer to every month. I don’t have to do every single thing on that list - and if anything or anyone more important gets in between me and that list, no big deal. The point is, I’ll be making a concerted effort to do these things because these are the things that really matter to me.

So, here are my monthly resolutions:
1. Create 1 tutorial / pdf download / project - done!
2. Make 1 thing - done
3. Finish 1 thing - January Stitchalong - done
4. Draw 1 thing - done
5. Learn 1 thing - couching - done
6. Give 1 thing away - little pink monster to my niece - done
7. Donate to 1 organization I care about - Holy Cross monastery - done
8. Meet 1 person - I actually met many people! :)
9. Take 1 photo every day - done
10. Write 1 chapter (I’m working on a novel!) :) - wrote 1 scene

At the end of this year I can accomplish 12 things I’m proud of, or 120, if I do each thing! (I’m not even gonna count the photos, hey -maybe next year’s resolution is be better at math ) :)

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