Tuesday, January 24, 2012

typography tuesday: various bits

lovely desktop calendar by Rebekka Seale

Found this lovely desktop calendar (yes I know January is almost over, but it's still lovely) on Rebekka Seale's blog. I love the simplicity of her blog's design, and the cheery way she begins every post with "dear reader." It reminds me of a Charlotte Bronte novel. But with beautiful pictures. And minus the tortured romance. :)

January 2012 desktop calendar

For most of the month, my desktop wore this calm, lovely watercolor wallpaper by Oana Befort.

Really love the free fonts collected on this post: http://makeitmyown.blogspot.com/2012/01/inspire-me-fonts.html (and her sparkle clothespins - what can I say - I love sparkle) :)

And, hopping around the web a few days ago, I found this simple verse exactly when I needed it. From a blog called More Than Sparrows.

And this wonderful site (found via Pair of Pears):
miss you

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