Saturday, June 23, 2012

Stitching Saturday: What I've been up to

my narwhal so far

I've been stitching steadily away on the June Stitchalong pattern (designed by the awesome Corvus Tristis). I'll admit I was a bit intimidated by the design - it's complex and beautiful and I wanted to do it justice, but I wasn't sure how...

I started off by tracing it onto a white twill cocktail napkin - I'd say it's about 13 x 13 in:
just starting

I decided to go light on the colors - using a very pale off white for the top of my narwhal and a slightly darker beige for the bottom. I used very light blue (almost white), sea foam green, and light teal for the waves:

Of course, then I was looking at a very light image - with very little to distinguish one shape from the next:

I wanted to add texture, but I didn't want it to take FOREVER, so out of laziness, I took 2 strands of sea foam green and started stitching thin diagonal lines - for a sort of hatching effect. And I decided I loved it:


Next, I tackled my narwhal - I am a dud about fill stitches, having never really used them before, but I used 2 strands of the same off white floss and went nuts. I left gaps where you can see the fabric underneath and laid my stitches down haphazardly, on purpose - I wanted to create a nice, rich, random texture like fur:


Next, I tackled the horn, stitched in a light gold color:

So that's where I am so far! I've stitched at least an hour a day for the past week and a half - but it's gone much faster than I thought, and I hope to finish by Friday...


Here's the other thing I've been doing - preparing for a free craft class I'll be helping my sister with. I used the Purl Bee Flower Charm template, and flowers from the Purl Bee Winter Wreath template.



I have been a cutting machine. Each night I've come home and cut for a few hours - looking at and playing with those sweet, brightly colored shapes is truly addicting. It's a good thing I'm so addicted because the class is large, and we'll need quite a few!

I've also done a bit of scanning - there's a poll on VTF so you can vote on the Days of the Week vintage pattern you'd like me to scan next. So far, creepy lambs are in the lead... ;) So, in short, busy, busy, busy!

I managed to squeeze in a movie night to see Moonrise Kingdom, which made me re-fall in love with Wes Anderson (we were on the fritz after Darjeeling Limited). Hilariously enough, I'd just purchased a pair of super-sharp Fiskars that were in my bag and I was itching to use, and well, scissors figure pretty prominently in the film. Wes Anderson peeps, you will not be disappointed.

Hope all is well with all of you! :)

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