Thursday, December 20, 2012

Three Things Thursday


Three lovely pictures from the following Flickr streams:
1. 1971 Zenith Color TV-38, 2. Silver and Gold Felt Ornament, 3. embroidery floss

Here's a few lovely pics from my Flickr faves that have been inspiring me of late. They belong, respectively, to retro-space, wildolive, and Pumora. This color palette has been on my brain for awhile now - funky, jewel-ly brights with a happy, retro feel.

Sheesh, guys - it's been awhile. This has been one of those years that starts off fast, and just speeds faster and faster as it careens into the end. Through it all, I have tried to stay mindful of the goals I set at the beginning of the year, and I'm happy to report I'm not far off. The only difference is I've done a lot less documenting of the things I've made and done. While I wish I could do more, the demands on my time just don't allow it all to happen.

I think my favorite month in terms of crafting was February - I had clear goals and the luxury of time, and just plugged happily away at things. The year just got more and more crowded as it went on, but I still got a sizeable amount of things done.

My goal for 2013 is this: thought. I'd like to stop and consider more, to give myself reasonable time to unplug and think. To tie in with that, this post on Design for Mankind really spoke to me.

How are your holidays? How did your goals for this year go? I hope everyone out there is well and happy and crafty. :)

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