Saturday, February 23, 2013

Stitching Saturday: playing catch-up

finally stitched!


Up above, you see that I finally stitched this sweet free pillowcase pattern by Lazy May. I've had my eye on this pattern for a long, long time, and my good friend's wedding in December was as good a reason as any to stitch it. I had half a mind to stitch the cases for myself, but, silly and sarcastic as I am, there's an added creep factor to being single and having matching pillowcases in one's room that say: "love you.... love you too." ;) Well, luckily for me, I am no longer single - and dating someone quite awesome. Having these in my room still seems a bit odd - but they are perfect for newlyweds, I think. :)

I also stitched up these baking themed tea towels for my newlywed friend, since nearly everything on her registry was baking-related. I decided she had a lot of baking to do, and these towels might help her hop to it!

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled

I did give her one day of rest, at least. :)


My method was quick and haphazard - I found the towels at Stein Mart - they're actually linen napkins, but a perfect size for tea towels. I grabbed a handful of my favorite brightly colored floss, and started stitching. I tried not to be too obsessive about perfection, because I wanted them to be playful and silly.

homemade monster

Here's a guy I finished stitching in December, but never got around to photographing. He's knitted on size 6 needles, in brown Love This Yarn, which knits up very cuddly. He's based on the Hugo pattern in the Knitted Monsters book. I made him for a cute little boy I met on my trip to a Navajo Reservation last summer - like a total dork, I brought Hugo to hug while I slept, and given the amount of wildlife we encountered strolling in and out of the church where we slept, it was an immense comfort to me.

Anyhow, the boy called my Hugo "Domo" every time he saw him, and we whiled away many moments while he made Hugo dance or tried him out as a boomerang. When I got back I set to work on Domo immediately, but it took me months to finish - I had lots of other projects that kept taking center stage. Finally, he was finished in time, quite miraculously to be a Christmas present. Yippee!

Labyrinth in progress...
Next up is this sweet Wee Wonderfuls Labyrinth cross stitch. Danielle of Kitschy Digitals had asked me if I knew anyone who'd be willing to test stitch some of the patterns in her store, and I eagerly volunteered to do this one. Sadly, it has languished in my to-do pile for months now - I finished The Golden Girls right away. I need some stitching mojo to finish this one. Maybe an 80's marathon-fueled race to the finish? So, sorry, Danielle, I have taken so long, we'll see...

I'm not sure how you feel about crafting, but I have to admit that, as a creative personality I always feel like I am playing catch-up. I have so many ideas at any given moment, and so many items in progress, that when I carry out a task to completion I find it super-satisfying - for oh, about 10.2 seconds, then I'm on to my next 50 ideas... sigh. Hope you all have been doing marvelously!

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