Thursday, February 14, 2013

V-Day embroideries

a few "romantic" hoops

A few nights ago I found myself in front of my computer, watching old Star Treks, stitching up a little something for my honey. He expressed an interest in the Oxytocin embroidery I did last year, from a pattern in the Hoopla book. It's a super-quick stitch - I had it transferred, stitched, and finished within 2.5 hours.

I stitched it up on some vintage blue fabric I had on hand:

oxytocin embroidery

I love the nubby texture, which was less tricky to stitch on than I thought it would be:


This time, I decided to glue the excess fabric to the back inside of the hoop with tacky glue:


The process was a teeny bit messy, but I must say I loved the blast-from-the-past feeling of peeling dried glue off my fingertips. :) Hope your Valentine's Day is golden and sweet, however you choose to spend it. My vote's for dumb movies, plenty of candy, and good friends. :)

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