Saturday, April 6, 2013

Stitching Saturday: Cats Love This Yarn

cat blanket

Well, it looks like this has become a monthly blog. Sheesh - I know! But these posts, however infrequent, do help me wrap up my projects and get a sense of what I have and haven't finished.

Up above you see the cat blanket - yes that's right, a blanket knitted especially for a cat. This odd project all started last fall when I was teaching my friends to knit. One of my friends reported that her cat had stolen her yarn - a big, squishy skein of Love This Yarn. Instead of ripping it up with his sharp little claws, gnawing it, or pawing at the ends, she reported that her cat lovingly rubbed his face in the yarn and slept with it, careful not to snag it on his claws. I didn't believe her, until I actually saw him do it. Curious, I knit him up a little square of Vanna's Choice - he sniffed at it, gave it a half-hearted swipe, and marched back to his Love This Yarn.

I was so charmed I decided to knit this little fellow a cat blanket with his favorite yarn. I started first with what I had - squares I'd been putting away for a baby blanket. About 3-4 babies have come into this world since I started, and I had to admit I didn't have the tenacity to put together hundreds of squares. So I made a cat blanket.

Then, I started another smallish cat blanket, just sort of winging it with the brightest colors I had on hand:


Here's the proof that cats love this yarn:
happy cat with a cat blanket

I'm also almost finished with this lovely blanket:

Stitching this has been a hoot. Everywhere I've taken it, for the past 6 months, people have complimented me on the colors, and the soft squishiness of the yarn. I'm on the fence about those two greens right next to each other, but over time I think I'll grow used to it and see that contrast less...

Pattern was based on the Purl Bee Super Easy baby blanket, but I used more than 5 colors and lengthened it to cover my toes.

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