Saturday, April 13, 2013

Stitching Saturday: Sci-fi dinner napkins

mr. Godzilla

Recently my honey was in need of some napkins and I decided to buy and stitch some for him. He tries not to waste resources, and is not a fan of paper towels and paper items, which has taught me to be less wasteful, myself.

I'm proud of his not-wasteful ways and thought I'd commemorate it with silliness... the way I commemorate everything. :)

I bought gray cloth napkins like the ones I used for the Days of the Week towels. I used 2 free patterns - Badbird's "Terrible Lizard" and Speckless' Deep Sea Diver. Tracing the image onto the cloth was just as hard as you'd expect. My actual setup involved a piece of plastic over a daylight lamp, and a fine-tip black pen. Truly a silly experience - I just need to get a transfer pen already.

After stitching my diver, my honey asked what it was, and I realized it looked remarkably like the awesome space suits in 2001, a favorite movie we have in common. So, I dorked the napkins up, but good:

spacesuit napkin   spacesuit napkin

I used just 3 colors of thread - a pale sea green, nice bright orange, and ecru for the lettering.

sci-fi dinner napkins

sci-fi dinner napkins

I'm really happy with how they came out, and I'll be happier still to see them in use, and greasy and stained... because then I'll get to make even more. :)

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