Tuesday, June 11, 2013


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a few pics I salvaged from my Facebook photos...

So, after a great deal of thought and deliberation on the topic, I permanently deleted my Facebook account yesterday. I'd never really enjoyed Facebook all that much - but I felt compelled to check it every few minutes when I was on my computer.

I noticed that on the days I didn't have access to Facebook, I felt much more relaxed - I would read books, talk with friends, and do more creative activities. But if I had the option of using Facebook, I'd get sucked into constantly reading people's updates.

I'd never added Facebook to my phone, because I see so many people nowadays who ignore whoever they're with, so that they can take in this constant stream of other people's thoughts and pictures and internet memes. It's odd - I feel like we're losing the art of interacting fully with other people.

In my experience, being friends with someone on Facebook typically amounts to a bit of an illusion - because I knew that I could contact any of these people at any time, about anything - I usually didn't. I was continually sifting through the Facebook newsfeeds, picking out the details that interested me most, and ignoring everything else. I really think Facebook (at least for me) doesn't teach you how to actively listen to people - it teaches you how to not listen to people  - how to ignore people.

I found I was losing the ability to hold onto a thought for more than a second at a time. So I went through all my photos, read through a few favorite comments, uploaded them to Flickr for safekeeping, and deleted them all. I saved a few of my favorite conversations to a word file (yes, very old school) and had some fun re-reading those, too. When I actually clicked the link to delete my account permanently, I felt a wave of relief - weird, right?

I already feel differently about contacting people - and the emails I've exchanged with old friends have been awesome. So, I'm Facebook-free and feeling amazing!

What do you guys think about Facebook?

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