Monday, March 10, 2014

Thoughts on Ray Jasper and my friend, David

Recently a last statement from Ray Jasper, a man on death row has "exploded" on the internet. He makes all kinds of sentient points about the justice system, the prevalence of blacks in prisons, and his letter has been described as well-written, thoughtful, and heartbreaking.

Well, it's heartbreaking for me, but for another reason - Ray Jasper is the man who killed my best friend's brother, David Alejandro. David was a kind, bright, talented, amazing man - a wonderful brother to my best friend, and like a brother to me.

My best friend and her brother David

Please, anyone who has read and shared Ray Jasper's statement, read this statement by the victim's brother, Steven Alejandro:

We miss you so much David, and I send my love to all the Alejandros. I pray that you be remembered not just for the way you died, but also for the beautiful way that you lived.

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