Friday, February 4, 2011

Gnome sweet gnome


Yup, there it is, I actually finished it - a pillowcase based on two of the cute free designs from the Lark Doodle Stitchalong. Yes, I know it is way cheesy, the phrase "gnome sweet gnome" but I couldn't help myself. :)

Here's a closeup of the tree stump-house. This was pretty much my first time experimenting with fill-stitches, and I like it - it adds a little bit of texture, so that the whole design is not just flat colored outlines.

My only regret is that one of the hoops I used was dirty on the inside, so there's a tiny faint ring of dirt around my gnome. :( Oh well, maybe with enough washes it'll come out.

Now, I'll be getting ready for the first stitchalong I'll be doing on Feeling Stitchy this month.... Meet me there later if you're interested! :)