Friday, August 13, 2010

Revisiting the vintage transfer pillowcase

Ha ha ha - remember this?
peeling off...

About a billion years ago, or to be more exact, in April of last year, I started embroidering this pillowcase using a vintage transfer.

I started it as whitework - in other words, all white threads on light blue. Maybe that was what gave me the blahs and didn't inspire me in the least to finish it. For over a year, there it sat...

But, as is usually the case, once I finally decided on the colors, I plugged away and finished it in no time...

That was the first flower I started on, and you can see I used a few different threads and stitches.

I can't believe I finally finished this!

Here's the pattern, if you want to try it:

That was one of the few nice things about having to pack up everything I own and mail it around - unpacking the boxes and looking at all my unfinished projects and actually feeling inspired to finish them all.

Thank you for all the kind comments you left on my posts about moving home and leaving New York. I'm slowly adapting to the quieter pace of life, with a great deal of joy - New York was wonderful, but it was always so loud and frenetic, and "on." I finally feel like I can draw in a breath and think. I still feel like a strange animal - a hybrid species that is not quite Texan and not quite New York. But you know? I kind of hope that never fades. :)

Oh, things I've been enjoying since I moved back:
walking 1-2 miles at my favorite parks
swimming as often as possible
pan dulce
air conditioning
Twin Peaks episodes
reading: The Host, Let The Right One In, N.P.
the tortilla aisle at the grocery store
dragonflies, butterflies, and insects