Thursday, September 20, 2018

Chemotherapy update #3-4

Here were my experiences after doing my second Chemotherapy treatment- this was the third and fourth of 4 doses of AC, every other week, after which I will do 12 weekly treatments of Taxol.

Day 1 - Chemo day - 3rd treatment
This chemo hit me really hard - I think it's because I forgot to load up on lots of water the night before, and take a mug of water with me. Instead, I'd been drinking a lot of tea, and had tea with me. I won't make that mistake again.

The last dose they gave me - of Cytoxan was pretty uncomfortable. Really felt it very strongly in my nose and neck and sinuses. Typically it goes away as soon as I leave, but not this time. My nose and sinuses were very irritated for days after. I also felt a stinging sensation at my port as we drove home. Felt very tired and cruddy all evening.

Day 2
Had an ok appetite in the morning. Took a Claritin right before the Neulasta shot. Felt tired mainly. Aches and pains started that night, along with a little trouble swallowing. Took an Aleve, which seemed to help a little.

Day 3
Saying that I feel less cruddy - well I still feel cruddy, right? It's hard to appreciate feeling less like crap, when you still feel like crap. :) I think the bone pain and aches were definitely less, but it was still uncomfortable and really a drag. So, even though I felt better, I still didn't feel well enough to do more than sit on the couch, which was frustrating. Took an ibuprofen, and the Claritin, which helped somewhat.

Day 4
Still very tired and a little sore - mornings are the toughest, and I feel better later on. The sinus issues stuck around, going through boxes of tissues. Took a short walk in the evening. Heat really affects me, as does bright sunlight - starting to feel like a vampire. :)

Day 5
Tired and dizzy. Find myself fantasizing about my favorite foods, but at the same time, don't feel like I can eat them. It's a weird feeling.

Day 6
Tired and dizzy, was finally able to get back to work. A lot more sensitive to strong smells - I had to throw out my bathroom soap bar because it was really bothering my nose and making me feel sick. I loved that smell before, too!

Day 7 and on
Recovered bit by bit - what I learned is that it always took my body a full week after chemo to begin to feel normal again. Not completely normal, but better.

Day 1 - Chemo day - 4th treatment
Loaded up on water the night before and I indeed felt much better throughout chemo, and immediately after. Had good energy and appetite that day.

Day 2 and on
Yes, I gave up on chronicling the every day aches and pains - but I experienced nothing new - just the same gripes, at different times. Soreness and pain from the Neulasta shot for an entire 24 hours afterward, as well as dizziness, nausea, severe acid reflux, throat pain, and exhaustion. Again, I felt that my body never really went back to normal until 1 week after my AC chemo treatment. Also, my period showed up almost a month late, but at least I had one, I guess.

Now that I have experienced the Taxol treatments, I feel like they are also difficult, but there are far fewer side effects than the AC. If you are on AC, or someone close to you is, just be patient, it will be over soon, and you will feel better when it is!