Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Exciting News... Free Embroidery Class at Madewell!

So, I have some exciting news... I'm teaching a free embroidery class at the Madewell store in Soho tomorrow (Thursday, Dec. 4) from 7-9 PM with an awesome designer, Cal Patch. Remember my holiday embroideries? We'll have everything you need to make a mini holiday embroidery of your own: hoops, denim squares, tracing paper, needles and thread. Free! There will even be some goodies from Sublime Stitching to take away!

small ideas

I'm so excited to be doing this event - I'm not sure how many of my blog readers live in New York, but if you're at all in the area, please come out! Madewell has a Facebook page you can check for more information and RSVP. Everyone in the store is super-friendly and absolute beginners are welcome. There's always great music and complimentary drinks (lychee martinis, anyone?). To me it's like a great club without all the sweaty people, and this time there's crafts, to boot! :)

Madewell is located at: 486 Broadway (at Broome), NY NY (click for a Google map)

And by the way, my legs are really not that long. And, ok, that's not even me in the photo... But you'll never know unless you come and see me in person, huh? In which case I am totally that girl and my legs are twice as long. Come see me if you want to prove me wrong! ;)

Seriously, though, come out and craft with us! :)

Monday, March 24, 2008

my part of the Top Secret Tea Towel

for Jenny

I can finally show you my contribution to the Top Secret Tea Towel for Jenny Hart! It's been (I can't believe it) 6 months in the making, traveling to so many talented crafters - I stitched my part 3 months ago!

I had a few ideas, but I ended up doing a portrait of Jenny:

pinned in place and ready to iron

I in no way captured how gorgeous she is but I'm still pretty happy with it. My favorite part is the needle and the heart... Jenny has been such an inspiration to me - she's an amazing artist and I'm so honored I was able to contribute! I'm planning a Jenny and Sublime Stitching post on Feeling Stitchy to commemorate the Top Secret towel, but for now I just wanted to show you my contribution. :)