Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Conversations: Claudia

Conversations: Claudia
1. accidental heart by me 2. i heart you too by Claudia
3. Untitled by me 4. Untitled by Claudia

The lovely lady named Claudia is another talented stitcher I met through Flickr. She has a blog, which is notable for having the loveliest, hand-stitched banner I've ever seen. Her Etsy store is on a break right now, but if you were lucky you might have snatched up hand-stitched beautiful-ness like this, or this, or this.

I was lucky enough to do an exchange with her, and in person, her work is just as gorgeous as it is online. But what I love most about Claudia is the sensitivity and kindness that comes through on her blog and in her work. I love that she's a Hispanic crafter, and very proud of her language and her culture. She's a loving, humorous, wonderful person I'm so glad to have met.

My conversation with Claudia includes just a few of the things that make her special: love, language, and embroidery. Thanks Claudia for filling the internet with love and life! :)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Conversations: Olivia

Conversations: Olivia
1. hippos by me 2. junk store ponies by Olivia
3. the view by me 4. cold by Olivia

Olivia is an example of someone I met very randomly on Flickr - I believe we commented on each other's pictures of cupcakes. :) Yes, that is how randomly connections begin... I was in awe of her adorable crafty projects, and we even collaborated on a felt project together. We've swapped little mail packages, although I must say hers were always much better than mine.

Adding someone as a Flickr contact gives you a front seat to view a very curious process - most people come and go when it comes to posting - falling off when life becomes stressful or they find other interests. Someone who started as an art-photo only person dedicates themselves to cats, babies, or embroidery, later. But what I viewed with Olivia was a steady progression in the beauty of her images until they just all amazed me. And I wasn't alone! Click on any of her photos and you'll likely see many, many, many favorites and comments. I feel honored to have been one of her first contacts and to have watched her skill progress until it became so sharply honed. And I'm still happy to swap an occasional goofy-humored email with her now and then.

So my conversation with Olivia contains elements that I love in her work: humor, emotion, color, and beauty. Thanks Olivia, for sharing with me your talent, humor, and gorgeousness!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Conversations: Rectangel

Converstions: Rectangel
1. the blossoms by me 2. Sakura by Erin
3. the first mermaid by me 4. Mucha-closeup by Erin

Erin (or Rectangel) is another fabulous stitcher I first encountered on Craftster. I was overjoyed when she brought her stitching to Flickr - you'll recognize her beautiful, detailed work as you're going through the Embroidery pool. I mean, really - look at this. And this. And you really must get a closer look at my favorite, pictured above, the Mucha girl.

Over the years, she's volunteered tutorials and posts on Feeling Stitchy, and has shared many awesome vintage transfers on Flickr. She's a veteran of many swaps and Tea Towel Tours on Craftster, and you can count your lucky stars if you're ever on the receiving end of her stitchery. To sum it up, she's an example of one of the many kind, honest, giving, and artistic people that make the internet truly wonderful.

My conversation with Erin shows just a few bits of her talents, visit Flickr or Craftster for the real deal. Thanks, Erin, for sharing your beautiful skill and love of your craft with the world!

Conversations: Early Bird Special

Conversations: Early Bird Special
1. easter bunny by me 2. Yeti Puppet by Amy
3. Untitled by me 4. Blue bird by Amy

I think I first encountered the amazing Amy, or Early Bird Special, when I stumbled on her website a few years ago. I was amazed by her stitching prowess, and that she'd built an entire business out of hand-stitching embroidery. Like most of the people I've met online, never did it occur to me that we'd ever email each other, chat with each other, or that I'd be able to experience first-hand what a sweet, cool, funny, incredible person she is. But through the wonder that is Flickr and the Embroidery group, we got to know each other, became contacts, and I began keeping up with her work in earnest.

So of course, Amy has a great blog (go check it out) and is a meticulous, perfect stitcher. Don't believe me? Check this out. And this. See, it's more than just the stitching, she has a beautiful sense of color, and her favorite color pops up so often in her work that each time I see it I call it "Amy Blue" or "Amy Turquoise." :) Like those sample embroideries on the Sublime Stitching website? Well, Amy stitches a lot of them! I was way honored to be one of the peeps stitching for Jenny's new book, Embroidered Effects, because you know who was also stitching? Amy!

In addition to her Sublime work, she has her own Etsy store with hand-embroidered goods. It's empty now, but be sure to check back because her work will knock your socks off. Oh, and why is it empty? Because she just had a new, gorgeous little baby (because did I mention, she is also a super-mom). :) In short, for the five thousandth time, Amy is lovely and amazing.

My conversation with Amy includes birds, felt creatures (check out that Yeti!) and of course, Amy blue. Thank you Amy, for making my world blue (but, in a good way). :)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Conversations: Carina

Conversations: Carina
1. saying goodbye by me 2. Pink curlicues by Carina
3. my threads by me 4. Happy yarn colours by Carina

Where can I start with Carina? She is so incredibly talented, and crafty, and lovely, that I don't know where to begin. Ok, first of all her blog: go read it. No really, just click on that link, and take a look. That's the first part of amazing Carina. Her mind works so quickly, so creatively, so intently, on so many levels it is staggering. Carina's beautiful sense of color is what stands out the most in my brain. It's what she instills in her crafts, her embroidery, her paintings, her sketches, even in her blog design itself. Her color palette is happy, vibrant, alive.

She has an online store, and just viewing it is a treat - really, go look at it. She co-blogs and Twitters with us on Feeling Stitchy and her finds are always like her: unique, colorful, artful, creative, vibrant.

Of course, my conversation with Carina must be colorful, since Carina speaks rainbow. :) Thank you Carina, for truly coloring my world!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Conversations: alli_lucy

Conversations: Alli_lucy
1. bridge by me 2. flowers by alli_lucy
3. mittens by me 4. DPP_1052 by alli_lucy

The girl who goes by the name alli_lucy on Flickr is special to me for a few reasons. Number one, of course is her craftiness, which is the first reason I met her, as I trolled through the depths of the Flickr Embroidery pool. Following her blog revealed another layer, a wonderfully stylish person who loves vintage clothing and elegance, and a bit of spunky uniqueness in her clothes. Also, an adventurer, who gets to spend her summers on exotic digs! In short, a beautiful Indiana Jones who knows how to knit and embroider. Also, she visits here often and her comments make my day. But probably what what I remember most is that she purchased the menorah embroidery I donated to my friend's Hope for Jasenn store. It makes me really, really, really happy, that my little piece went to live with her.

My conversation with her doesn't describe her entirely, but it does contain bits of what I love in her world and stream: a magical elegance and delicateness that is silvery and sweet. Thanks Alli, for making the internet so sweet!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Conversations: Kittytown

Conversations: Kittytown
1. little spools by me 2. evergreens by kittytown
3. in church by me 4. Inside the abandoned church by kittytown

Megan, or Kittytown (on Flickr) is an example of the amazing people that only seem to exist in internet-land. :) I met her on Craftster, and first knew her for her mad embroidery skills and witty remarks. Then she made the move to Flickr and I became addicted to her wardrobe pictures which combine her humor, elegance, and crazy playfulness. I read her blog for daily laughs and a dose of welcome sarcasm and smartness. She has a shop where she sells her adorable prints: adorable, with a dash of macabre, deep-dark humor, called Ghost Academy. Oh, and an Etsy shop, too.

Now, in her latest incarnation, she arranges flowers for her own shop, Honey and Poppies. And they're not the boring flower arrangements you expect to see at any wedding or event - she has a way of tapping into the very essence of the flowers and showing you how beautiful they are. My favorite wedding she did had a Day of the Dead theme: genius! In short, everything she does, from what she wears, says, makes, and crafts, has her wonderful, intelligent, sarcastic, dark, sweet personality in it.

So, our conversation contains elements I associate with her: vibrant greens and living things and deep, full-of-life reds. Megan, I'm so glad I met you! You make the internet a truly wonderful, sarcastic, sweet, and gorgeous place. :)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Conversations: doe-c-doe


1. Untitled by me 2. white-clutch by doe-c-doe
3. strange by me 4. blue-flower-purse by doe-c-doe

What I love most about the internet is the ability to share your thoughts and dreams in the form of images - with people across the country and around the world. Doe-c-doe has always inspired me, and I've been lucky enough to trade emails with her - she's such a sweet, generous, and incredibly talented person.

So, on to the idea of conversations - it's a new idea I have, to give me something to blog about. Each week I'm going to go through my contacts, all the people I've met over my years of blogging, and share a little glimpse of them to you. If I can, I'll pair my favorite images of theirs with some of mine, to have a sort of "conversation" through images. I think those pictures above clearly seem to be speaking to each other. :)

Also, in preparation for Blogtoberfest, I've decided to do my best to blog every single day through Oct. 31. I'm still grieving, but I thought it would be a good way to help me feel more productive and work through my memories. When I have something to say about my dad or my friend I will, but I promise to keep it hopeful! I want to celebrate life and its beauty and all the wonderful people I've met. Thanks, all of you, for bringing beauty to my life.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Signs of life

cicada wing, originally uploaded by Creature Comforts.

My favorite bug as a child growing up had to be the cicada, which has a much nicer name in Spanish, "chicharra." I loved the rare days when I got to watch one hatch, clinging to a tree stump with its beautiful wet green wings laced with gold. To me, it was a sign of summer, a sign of life. I loved the idea, then and now, that even when so many things are ending, so many infinitely beautiful things are also beginning. That image above, by the way, belongs to the talented Creature Comforts, not me.

Here are a few more photos from other Flickr people that are inspiring me with hope. I hope they do the same for you:


1. (doe-c-doe) thrifted camera-with-flower, 2. (elsie*cake) hot air balloons!, 3. (yvestown) New Bottoms

1. (meezi) House embroidery, 2. (elsita) Green Skirt, 3. (elsie*cake) pretty autumn design

Wednesday, September 9, 2009



In the past 2 years I have lost my grandmother, my dad, and 2 old friends I had just reconnected with on Facebook. It seems like there have been so many episodes of coming to work and first thing in the morning, reading some fateful email. Emails shouldn't be fateful! Letters should, or phone calls. (But I never answer my phone, hence the necessity of emails, I guess.) :)


I don't have anything profound to say today, I'm just stupefied by loss. No matter how much you believe in God, or that the world is a good place, losing the people you love really shakes you. What it says to me is simply this: nothing in life is permanent. In human life, there is no such thing as permanence. Every moment in life is truly that: a moment, a pause, a brief, wisplike breath that hangs between one state of life and the next. Everything must be lived and felt to the full - if for no other reason than this: nothing, no one, nothing at all is permanent. We are all a breath.