Saturday, September 24, 2011

Stitching Saturday: monsters

new little monster

So, here's my new monster - he (she?) is a cutie, eh? They're very huggable and fun to build a fort with. :)

For some reason I thought I'd show you my messy room, complete with monsters (and curlers, and trash can, and wardrobe, and unmade bed, etc.)

Here they are outside, for a size comparison:

Looks like I'm steadily a week behind on these stitching posts... It takes time to edit the pics and upload them and decide which ones are best. And make myself bacon and pancakes and coffee and shower. At least I'm disciplining myself to think consistently about my projects and where I'm at with them once a week. :)

So, last Saturday was a rainy day, my favorite type of day in San Antonio, and I sat in my heart pajamas and knit. All day. It was heavenly.

Here I am starting a foot for a new monster:
more foot progress

But you know, the color combo just didn't convince me. I love the 2 colors on their own, but together? They're not so great:

So after knitting this monster up halfway (a LOT of stitches) I just had to admit I wasn't feeling it and undid them all. I do want another monster in my life, I just haven't found the right colors for him yet.

Here are the beginnings of my baby blanket!
20 squares

I added 5 more squares on Sunday that are not pictured here, so I'm up to 25. Oh, and by the way, I swear I am not preggers. I just like baby blankets, ok? ;)

My knitting companions this week were season 4 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and season 1 of Veronica Mars, both of which I recommend highly. :) Thanks for telling me about your projects and the comments and compliments you leave about mine - it always makes me happy to read them! :)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Flashback Friday: Little delighted discoveries

english garden

I had been wondering where views on this pic were coming from - and then I found it - a poetic page of quotes and photos grouped together.

I loved the quote that appeared next to my photo:
"Life is both sad and solemn. We are led into a wonderful world, we meet one another here, greet each other—-and wander together for a brief moment. Then we lose each other and disappear as suddenly and unreasonably as we arrived." - Jostein Gaarder

Then I saw how many times it had been liked and reblogged, again without my knowing:

It makes me feel like a kid - I love when people like my photos. :)

All of this got me thinking of a really good friend of mine, who's a photographer. Everything he puts out onto the internet and his site is so carefully curated. Beautiful pics I'd become attached to routinely disappear (to be replaced by new ones). I'm sentimental, and it made me sad when they'd disappear. But over time, I've come to understand what he's doing: he's pruning away what no longer says anything to him, so that everything that remains is meaningful. That sort of discipline in himself is what makes him such a great artist.

So, I was inspired by him and decided to prune away pics from my Flickr stream. My goal is to get rid of anything that doesn't say anything to me (or you!) And boy, do I have A LOT of outtakes. :)

What about you? If you could only keep 1 photo you've ever taken, which photo would it be, and why? I'd be really grateful if you'd share that with me as I continue my pruning process... :)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Three Things Thursday: perfect colors

    Three Pinterest faves:
    1. perfect colors, 2. ballerina flats, 3. train case

There's something so perfectly colorful about these photos. I love it when people pull off outfits like this so effortlessly - I love this girl's simple makeup and hair - nothing overdone and yet she looks fabulous. Found her by the way, on the Fred Flare blog which is always filled with fun stuff.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Mosaic Monday: stripes

Mosaic Monday: stripes
    1. Nymph, 2. striped wallpaper, 3. striped dress, 4. Paper transfer tutorial

Just a few recent stripey faves. Really love those adorable blonde girls in the retro ads - for some reason I don't think it's tacky at all to have roots showing. I suppose it's all about your attitude, and the girl in the lower left seems to have plenty. :)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Stitching Saturday: knit knit knit

nine colors

I am woefully behind in my posting this week - I think I've been knitting and crafting so much that I can't do all that, photograph, upload, and blog at the same time. Erg - sorry!

Anyway, up above are nine colors of Love This Yarn that I'm using to make a baby quilt - maybe - this quilt?
Yeah, you know it, I totally fell in love with this baby - I mean - look at those sweet eyes! The pattern suggests nine Lion Brand colors, but I subbed Love This Yarn instead.

You know? It's REALLY HARD to find nine colors that look good together. I just assumed I'd march in there and buy the first 9 pastel shades I came across, but it wasn't that easy. I'm still not 100% sure all nine colors I chose will make it into 1 quilt.

Here I am with my cell phone camera, trying to piece together a decent color combo at lunch:

The pattern neatly blocks out where each color will go, but I wanted to play with placement anyway.

I made another monster, but since I haven't uploaded the most recent pics, you'll just have to see her half-finished:
monster progress

I knitted up the little arms (also in pink) and found myself giggling at how, um, unintentionally phallic they are. You'll see when I show you the finished product. ;)

I used Love This Yarn for this monster as well - I have to say I prefer the texture it has on garter stitch than stockinette:
at work on another monster

It's just a cheap acrylic, but it's really plush and soft when worked in garter stitch.

And lastly, here's a wonky patchwork blanket I started last year and am continuing with my mom:

She's already knitted up a huge pile of blocks to practice her knitting - so I'll add those soon and update you. I like that it's imperfect, and that it's something we're making together. I can be such a crazy perfectionist that I sometimes feel paralyzed by my own excessive standards for myself. I am very, very hard on myself - so I like to give myself a break and say "This one can be wonky, as long as you finish it, and it makes you happy." How about you guys? Any recovering perfectionists out there? :)

Hope you had a good weekend, and are enjoying the end of summer and the first hints of fall...

Friday, September 16, 2011

Flashback Friday: one year ago today

One year ago today I was bored, not yet employed, trying dresses on and getting my technique down for the wedding photobooth I did for my friend. I still had longish hair, and if I do say so myself, I was looking pretty cute. But I only seem to appreciate my appearance in retrospect. :)

Hope you're having a great Friday and have an even better weekend!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Three Things Thursday: hazel gray and white

Three Things Thursday: hazel gray and white
   1. espresso 6 small, 2. hazel kitty, 3. Albino / Leucistic Ruby-throated Hummingbird

Just 3 little things I loved this week - from Alli's adorably cheeky coffee post to Hillary Lang's kitten that matches her sofa to this dreamy white albino hummingbird which looks even more dreamy and amazing in motion.

Hope you're all having a wonderful week - I've been busy finishing up knits, planning quilts, sending out prizes, finalizing contest details at Feeling Stitchy, and putting ant traps everywhere in the house. And enjoying the dreamily beautiful skies and shift in light and color that happen just before every equinox....

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Stitching Saturday: Winner(s)!

Okay, I must admit that I loved all of your names, but 2 in particular had my heart: "Higgins" because my little guy is shaped exactly like Higgins and "Biscuit" because well, how can you not love a blue monster named "Biscuit." In a vain attempt to choose one, I did a thorough scan of Lime Riot's blog and Dani's Flickr stream for some background, and I saw that Mrs. Lime Riot is an awesome knitter and crafter who has already stitched quite a few monsters, (so I don't think she needs another copy of the book) but I did want to reward her genius!

So I decided to award 3 prizes!
- Addi needles for LimeRiot
- The Big Book of Knitted Monsters and Addi needles for Dani

Dani is also a fabulous knitter, and I pretty much fell in love with her blog when I read the following:
"If you aren't smart enough to listen and look for cars while you skateboard down the middle of the street, well then, perhaps you ought to be pancaked on the road and removed from the gene pool, whippersnapper!!"

I, too, am a grump who knits and freely uses the word whippersnapper! This prize was clearly meant for you. I think we are grumpmates. ;)

Ladies, please contact me by email at unafloresita AT gmail DOT com with your addresses and preferred Addi needle size. :)

Thanks, everybody for entering! My post was linked from another blog, which brought me a lot of new visitors - thank you so much for dropping by. :) Hope you all enjoyed this and are ready for even more knitting. :)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Three Things Thursday: blue, red, and teal

blue, red, and teal
  1. vintage computing '67, 2. plaid jacket, 3. teal coat

Here's a Flickr fave and a few Pinterest faves for you - I tend to favorite things in waves, matching odd little bits unconsciously. That last fave from Pinterest - the teal coat was funny - it was someone else's pin, and I laughed, because I actually own that coat. I bought it Labor Day weekend of 2009, in this pretty little town called Saugerties. The tag inside says Tulle, and they make really lovely, structured, gorgeous coats. It was a warm, cheerful coat through a particularly cold, cold winter, and my favorite part was how often people (New Yorkers, at that) stopped me to tell me how much they loved the color. I love it, too.

Here's a palette based on those photos:
thursday palette

If you guys like knitting (or want a cool gift for someone who knits) have you entered my giveaway yet? All you have to do it give my knitted monster a name. Go on, he's a cutie, and he doesn't bite... much. :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wardrobe Wednesday: what I wore


2 years ago today, I lost a friend - he was riding his bike to work in NY and was hit by a car. And when I say "friend" that doesn't get it right - he was a piece of my soul. Granted, time had passed, and the time that I knew him and was a daily part of his life had passed, too. Up above is one of the first pics I ever snapped, in my backyard on a dull winter day - it was a black and white dress I wore all the time in high school, when I knew him...

He was a kind person with a quick, dry wit that was full of sarcasm but never any meanness. He had these crinkly eyes, even as a kid, from a lifetime of making people laugh, and laughing himself. We were both skinny, scrawny kids with huge glasses when we first met in middle school and I demanded that he write me letters in the summers. I was pretty bossy and annoying, but he came through and I have a box at home filled with letters, to prove it. He told me that he crushed on me then, but I have a hard time believing it - I mean, look at me:


Dork city. As for myself, I was busy crushing on some popular dude with a side part who wore a lot of saggy Girbauds and Cavariccis. We went to different high schools and the next time I saw him, he'd grown a foot (literally) and all it took was one look at him and I forgot about every dumb crush I had going (at least 1000). We were inseparable, and at times it felt to me like we were the same person (only he was the much better half - I was the half that looked ok in a dress.)

Of course, what can I add, but the obvious - we didn't end up together forever, we parted ways in college. He was an adventurer and I was a stay at home, codgerish type that just wanted to study, watch movies, and read novels. We tried to stay friends, but in the era before Facebook, we drifted apart. The one thing I'll always be grateful to Facebook for is giving me the chance to get in contact with him again, share emails both serious and silly, and answer the really important unanswered questions like what his favorite Prince song was. :)

I think of him all the time - I guess the hardest part of his death was finding out after it happened - I was out of town for Labor Day, and came home to find condolences in my inbox. How could I have not felt him leave when he was such a part of me? I still see little traces of him everywhere - little echoes. His spirit remains - in everything silly, everything funny, everything full of adventure and daring and fully alive. I miss you old friend, but I know you're out there. I wish I'd been a better friend. I wish I'd been a better girlfriend. But thank you for loving me with all my faults, just the way I was.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

I knitted a monster giveaway


Yes, your eyes do not fool you, I finally finished knitting my monster! Aside from the small scarves I've knitted, I've never undertaken anything this big before, and I'm quite pleased with him. He was constructed through numerous 100+ temperature days and many TV series, including MacGyver, Magnum PI, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can only assume he has taken on the characteristics of my favorite lead actors and is a take-charge, crafty, good-looking monster with a quick wit. Yeah, maybe all this knitting has made me a little loopy. So what. :)

I learned quite a few different things on this project, including Magic Loop, knit front and back increases, and 3 needle bind off. Also, I got to play with those cool "Safety Eyes" I'd never even seen before:

They sell them at my local Hobby Lobby, which probably means they'd sell them anywhere. I guess they call them "safety" eyes because they have a plastic part that snaps into place on the other side of the fabric, presumably so they don't end up in the mouth of an infant. Still, if you pay 99 cents for 4, I wouldn't trust them not to fall off. Anyway, this monster won't be anywhere near a child, he'll be my trusty cohort. :)

I pulled out my huge bag of polyfill and spent a whole afternoon stuffing mr. monster:

I had so much fun learning how to make this guy, that I thought I'd do a giveaway here! I guess I've done all my giveaways on Feeling Stitchy in the past, but I thought it would be nice to do a giveaway just for you guys - peeps who've been my blog friends (and lurker blog friends) for years. :) This book was a gift from my friend, so I'll pass along the knitting goodwill by giving away a brand new copy to one of you.

And since I loved this book AND my Addi Turbo needles, I'm doing a giveaway of both:

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post by midnight this Friday - please help me out and give my new monster a name:
Also, can you tell me if my monster is a he or a she (or an "it"?) :) Next Saturday I'll announce the winner - I'll either select my favorite name, or make it random, if all the suggestions are equally awesome, and I'm stumped. :) Oh, and please include your email address so I can notify you if you're the winner.

So what do you say? Want a cool knitting book and the best knitting needles around? Leave a comment here! :)

Friday, September 2, 2011

Flashback Friday: my aunt


My cousin was kind enough to give me a disc filled with family pictures she'd scanned - it was one year ago, but at that time I was still settling into life back in Texas, had no internet to upload and sort through them, etc. So I recently combed through them properly.

I really love these paparazzi-style photos of my aunt:

I love her cat-eye glasses and simple stylishness:

Is there anyone in your family that inspires you? Hope you all have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Three Things Thursday

My creation
  1. crochet beard, 2. sheath dress, 3. denim skirts

Here's a few recent Pinterest pins... There's something rather lovely about all this subtle navy tan and white.