Saturday, January 4, 2014

Stitching Saturday: Birds, birds, and more birds

Six new years birds

So, I'm officially obsessed now - I spent the majority of my holiday stitching oodles of birds from the Snow Bird pattern by Larissa Holland.

When I ran out of time to stitch for Christmas, I began stitching "2014" on the backs of these, and got a jump on my holiday stitching for next year! Why I've never thought of that before, I have no idea, but now I'm all ready for homemade gift giving next Christmas. :)


I adore all of the color combinations I came up with - it's so easy to put these together - but they are time-consuming. I estimate each bird to take about 5-6 hours of stitching, so I "watched" a lot of tv - all the available seasons on Vicar of Dibley on netflix, Dr. Who, and a string of odd Christmas movies including Rare Exports (which I recommend).


And, if the quality of photos seems to have radically improved since I started making them, there is a reason - after almost a decade of using point-and-shoots, I finally got myself a "real" camera - a Canon Rebel T3i. There's just no way to compare the quality - it's out of this world when viewed side by side with my point-and-shoot, and most certainly when viewed next to my cell phone camera.

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