Tuesday, May 12, 2009

More Lottie

colors I've been using

I think I've finally reached my favorite stage in any embroidery project - about 3/4 of the way through, when I have finally decided which colors I'm using and just fill in the rest rather placidly and happily. One thing I've noticed is how colors play tricks on you - a color you started out stitching with seems to change as you progress and juxtapose it with other colors - I'm not 100% sure that blue is the one I started with. I remember it being a more china blue, Alice in Wonderland-y shade. Now I see more turquoise. (It's entirely possible I lost the original and grabbed for a similar shade from my pile.) Either way, I'm content with the colors.

little stitches

I started out using a darker, moss lime-y green on the leaves but I didn't like how the tone looked so similar to my girl's hair and fur. So I ripped it all out and stitched in a lighter, springier green that reminded me of faded storybook illustrations.

French knot and Lazy daisy time...

I am almost done and am loving this stage of just plowing forward. So, here's my (wrinkled) girl after about 16 hours of stitching (again, not counting all the pulling out and re-stitching and staring that occurred in between). You can see I still have some darker moss green in the right hand corner to remove and re-stitch. Almost done!

after 16 hours of stitching

Hmmmm... I am not liking the very pink shade I used for her hands. Might re-visit that. As for my plans - this will either be a pillow or a stretched wall hanging - whatever I like best. And I think I already know who's going to get this. :)


Anonymous said...

I really like how it turn out...the flower borders are really sweet! Have a lovely merry happy day!

Estrella said...

Its so funny, haha (laughing), i want a pillow with that! haha

hodge podge said...

i love her flor! how can you possibly think of giving her away?!? you are so generous. i love that you kept track of the hours; i always mean to do that but never do...