Monday, March 8, 2010

Amusing Youtube comments

under a white cloud

You may or may not be aware, but some time ago I posted a tutorial on Youtube on how to make an owl. It was ages ago, and to tell the truth, I am loath to point it out to you. :) I posted it to share with a friend who asked me to put together a little something for her. I knew it was public, but I thought to myself, out of all the cute cats, charming musical acts, and pirated tv shows, who's really going to bother to watch this stupid owl video?

Apparently, 133,564 of you. :) Unless there is one maniac continually hitting play, in his/her lonely cave, bedecked with felt owl corpses. But, let's not go there. :)

What amused me most, this morning, was looking at the complex and fascinating hierarchy of comments that have appeared on my little owl video. At first, mean comments used to bum me out, and I wouldn't publish them. But, I cracked up when I saw towaandes3's comment "that was boring" and just approved it.

But, more interesting is the way you can vote comments up or down - and it warmed my heart to see peeps defending the merits of my boring video, by thumbing that comment down, a whopping 4 times! :)

that was boring.
look! you guys are nice!

I also liked that 6 people voted up the cute comment - Your voice is so "tiny"

your voice is so "tiny"

Not to be outdone, was the person who mused: I think you should use that voice of yours for work or something... I find it very soothing and relaxing. (p.s. I think that's a really nice way to say "that. was. boring.")

I find it very soothing and relaxing

Well, even more amusing are the emails I get from this owl video. Ladies, looking for online love? Post an owl tutorial. Seriously.

Most romantic was this charmingly misspelled poem, entitled simply, "TE AMO":

no tengo palabras para de site cuanto

te extraño es mucho pero hecomprendido

que ya te perdi y no puedo enitar las ganas

de escuchar tu voz tu sonrriza mas que na da

tu bellas palabras y tam bien com prendi

que nobalgo nada solo soy un estorvo mas

con prendi que para mi no hay nad si ti TE AMO Y


Then, there was the beautiful Italian greeting I received a year or two ago:

..ciao floresita perchè non fai altri lavoretti ..ti confesso che la dolcezza con la quale racconti questo mi rilassa tantissimo e mi piacerebbe vedere altri tuoi video..ah io scrivo in italiano perchè non conosco bene l'inglese spero che tu lo possa capire...un bacio

In short, nothing warms the cockels of my heart on a cold morning like Youtube. :)


Anonymous said...

this was actually very amusing, I've always wondered the reaction to people to the odd array of comments on youtube videos they post and/or make... and why do you get love poems and all? because you are sweet and say something is 'charmingly misspelled' whereas I would have said, painfully misspelled (it hurt to read!)

Alli (One Pearl Button) said...

Aw, so cute! Haha, I always wonder why people leave comments like "that was boring." You've gotta laugh at them!

Rachel said...

Lovely - thanks for telling this tale - it made me smile!

Marla Kellman said...

There's a lot of petty folks out there, that's what it is. Sweet video, Floresita.

Nicky said...

Your owlet is adorable!!!

This is hilarious! And even funnier that you took a screen shot- you're so techy!!! :D

I just posted my first you tube video and don't know that I've got it all down yet- when I cut and pasted the embed link onto my blog, 1/4 of the video wouldn't fit! ugh. YAY for links...

Here it is if you wanna watch a snippet of me in Southern California! :)

I don't even know if people can comment on it?? Just for fun anyway :D