Monday, May 28, 2007

weekend train projects...

closeup on the lettering

I spent the weekend in a beautiful place, surrounded by green trees and dandelions, without a camera. I got a lot of stitching done on the train, adding a little lettering to my mom's pillowcase.

Monday, May 14, 2007

synchronicity in colors

spring colors

I began stitching this pillowcase for a very special lady a few days ago. It wasn't ready in time for Mother's Day, but I hope she'll enjoy it anyway... when it's done. :) I used some of the same colors I used for the boy and girl placemats, throwing in a few new colors for good measure. The pattern is yet another vintage Vogart design - #243.

for my mom

It's funny that I started these days ago, then uploaded my pics from Central Park to see such similar pink flowers:

My life has actually always been like this - finding odd little connections in disparate things - reading a book only to hear it quoted to me a few minutes later, watching a movie with an obscure actress then stumbling on her biography, learning a new word then hearing it on the radio... I love how life, colors, people, everything is so intricate, so detailed, so connected.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

walking in the park

morning walk

I woke up really early on Saturday morning after having a bad dream and couldn't fall back asleep. From about 4:45 Am on, I was wide awake. After watching the sun come up and still not feeling sleepy, I left the apartment at 6 Am and headed for Central Park. I was mainly curious to see if 1) there was anyone in the subway at 6 Am on a Saturday and 2) if there was anyone besides homeless and raving lunatics in the park at that hour.


After arming myself with a coffee and a lemon slice I walked tentatively into the park - even at 6:30 there was so much light but I still had that nervous feeling that arises everytime you're in New York and there's hardly anyone around. I sat on a rock with my journal and studied my surroundings: mainly joggers, bicyclists, and people walking their dogs. Only a few homeless shaking off the sleepies, and thankfully, no lunatics. It was such a gorgeous feeling, to be under the green trees and listen to the world waking up. I had this squirrel companion who I swear was messing with me - every time I'd turn my head he'd be standing extremely close to me, as if he was testing my peripheral vision...

so pink

And the flowers. I found a secret spot near a fountain that hadn't been discovered by the dog people. A man who looked very not sane (but seemed otherwise harmless) stood motionless by huge clumps of pink flowers. There was a quietness in the park that I so often crave - no roaring buses, sirens, people screaming, horns honking, conversations, dog barks, or cellphone talkers. Just a wonderful silence punctuated by birds and the wind moving through the trees. And flowers that filled my head with colored dreams when finally I came back home and fell asleep...

Saturday, May 12, 2007

the Mexican Embroidery Extravaganza

all together now...

Now that I've packed this up and mailed it I finally feel ok to blog about it. You've already seen pieces of the package I sent to my sis... I stitched 2 placemats with vintage Vogart boy and girl designs, and the 4 happy Mexican napkins. The girl you've seen here, but here's a closeup of the boy:

up close

Over at the Flickr Embroidery group (which I admin with several awesomely crafty ladies) somebody started a thread about how embarassed they are by the backs of their embroidery. It seems at some point in life we've all encountered the "Needlework Police" who unceremoniously flip our embroidery over and pooh-pooh if it doesn't look perfectly neat. To the esteemed Needlework Police we replied with a Show Us Your Backside post to honor everyone's backside, neat or not. And also, to the Needlework Police, I'd like to respond: "take that!" Just have a look at my not-so-neat backside and see if I care! ;)

the backside, as promised

Notice how the Senorita has a pink goatee when you flip her over? Relax, old school stitchers. Who cares if it's not perfect? It's the back. :)

Monday, May 7, 2007

at the zoo

I love dandelions

Dandelions always seem to grow where the grass is greenest and softest - so far I've seen them in Texas, Germany, and New York. I found this flower on our way to the Bronx Zoo, after the bus deposited us precariously next to a highway exit. I feel so happy when I'm surrounded by living, growing things... It was perfect weather, the kind of weather where you feel perfectly at ease in the sun and in the shade, and everything is drowned in sunlight.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Happy Mexican napkins

the Happy Mexican napkins

So after a few days of sketching tiny doodles I stitched up these napkins. I bought a set of 12 cotton napkins at Bed Bath and Beyond for 9.99. They're sturdy and perfect for embroidery, and feel almost like twill. And yes, for some reason I imagine all Mexican food to have skinny little legs and smiley faces... :)

Senor tamale

Ever had a tamale? I had to use my imagination to embroider a lump of masa and a corn shuck... :) And the words above are a silly joke my dad always tells us... click on the picture to read the next line!

Mr. Chile

I had to Google this expression to make sure I got the spelling right... here's what we say in my house when we eat too much chile and have steam coming out of our ears... :)

quesadilla complete

Lastly, here is Mr. Quesadilla, complete with embroidered cheese oozing out from the edges. Mmm... ever had a quesadilla made with 2 corn tortillas and cheddar cheese? I'm hungry now...