Thursday, June 18, 2009

Here I am!


Okay, here I am again, with a few words for you, and a few pics from my vacation a month ago. I must say I've been enjoying my break! The weather in NY has been so weird, so unusual, and I've been relishing every moment, like I'm inhabiting an alien, unfamiliar climate. It kind of reminds me of the wonderful cool weather we have every once in awhile in Texas, when a few rare summer rains descend.


There's this constant, lovely chill in the air lately, like standing by a river at night, like the air just as the sky opens up for rain...

Lately, I've been waking up super-early every single morning. I take long walks everywhere by myself, exploring new places, often just blocks away from my normal path. Usually I am so spooked by the NYC crowds, but I'm really, really feeling the energy of the city and... liking it.

Why, all this new energy all of a sudden? Well, I've been reading a lot and... writing! I've always wanted to write a novel, but never really had it in me to work steadily at it. But for the past 2 weeks I've been working every single day, thinking, writing, editing - I am amazed. I am beyond happy and inspired right now.


So, while, I'm not "back" back, in the sense that I am tied to my screen day and night, I feel "back" in terms of happiness and inspiration. I hope this summer brings so much of the same to all of you!!!