Thursday, July 23, 2009

Two weeks

embroidering my skirt

Here I am, embroidering my skirt in Texas, more than a week ago. I loved the bright colors and crazy pattern on this skirt, so I snapped it up for 9 dollars while shopping with my mom and tia. Then, I added some embroidery, using gorgeous vintage Star brand threads my mom had laying around. For any of you Vogart pattern freaks, Star brand floss was the kind they always suggested you use - and this was the first time I'd seen any in person. It was hard to believe the thread was older than me - and still so vibrant and bright and strong.

itty french knots

I entertained myself working french knot after french knot while watching a movie with my mom or rocking in the swing chair in our backyard, baking in the beautiful, searing heat.

Oh -if you click through that first picture to Flickr, you'll see a funny dialogue in which people answer the question: would it be weird to embroider the clothes you are wearing, in public? I've been tempted to do it and would view it as multi-tasking. However, I've been tempted to do many weird things before. :)

my skirt + New York + rain

I left the city with rain and came back to the city with rain, but oddly, it doesn't bother me. I've really come to love the rain, the coolness and mystery it brings the city, and the way it clears out the annoying stroller + short shorts + sunbathing brigade. Yes, I'm a bit curmudgeony. :) And to those of you who push strollers - not all of them annoy me! It's just the mommies talking on their cell phones and pushing their wheelbarrow full of fertility-drug induced progeny at me at full speed, with nary an 'excuse me' or 'sorry' when they run over me. All you normal moms with strollers are okay by me. :)

Well, hope all is well with all of you! It's the last of the summer! Let's enjoy every second of it, no?

Friday, July 10, 2009

Staring at birds, animals, and flowers

One of my favorite things to do, (and it's always been one of my favorite things) is to take in all the tiniest things, almost microscopic details that are easy to miss. These red flowers, for instance, are TINY. Looking down at them they look like closed, red swirls, nothing special, but they attract hummingbirds.

I became fascinated with these close-ups I took a few days ago - the colors, the light, the very weirdness of these little flowers...


I moved on to the wet green edges of leaves:



Beautiful succulents:

Then, I became obsessed with the red centers of Hibiscus flowers:

Moving closer:

And closer

Then I found the orange Hibiscus, bruised and wan from the sun, and was paralyzed by their ragged beauty as well:

Down to the tiny spider within them, that seemed to be sunbathing:

surprise inside

I'm loving the heat, the slow pace, and the weird universe of living things: birds, animals, insects, and flowers. I hope your summer is as filled with magic!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hello from Texas

Meet Lucy

I am utilizing my last few free minutes of internet (courtesy of the SAPL, thank you, so much) to say a quick hello and introduce you to Lucy, the cutest dog on the planet. I emerged, stuffy nosed into our backyard yesterday to see this happy little face:

Of course, she belongs to someone else - no dog this cute could be unowned. But she is perfectly welcome to hang in our backyard anytime she wants her tummy scratched. But we do need to teach her it's not wise to try to take on the garbage truck. Although the garbage men were quite amused.

Not much to say except that I'm relaxing and enjoying my relaxing very much. Hope all is well with you guys, too!