Saturday, October 31, 2009

Did I really do it?

Wow, did I really do it? One post per day for the entire month of October? My head is spinning! Happy Halloween, everybody! :)

Conversations: Jenny Hart

Conversations: Jenny Hart
1. Me duele tanto! by me 2. Brunette by Jenny
3. The torso by me 4. All Star Girl by Jenny

Whenever I chat with embroidery friends online, it never fails that Jenny Hart comes up as the person we point to who really kick-started us into embroidery. The embroidery community as it is today, hip, friendly, generous, avant garde, and edgy would not exist if it wasn't for Jenny, and so I saved my very last conversation for her, the one who started it all for me. :)

I've yammered often about her work here, online, and to real people, and I get that kind of glazed-over look in my eyes because her talent just floors me. One thing I may not have mentioned before though, is how much it means to me that she includes subjects for her embroidery that are familiar and significant to me. We both lived in south Texas, and so many of her portraits speak that familiar language of tough girls, Gang girls, white girls, and even the mystical llorona. I love how much of her portraiture celebrates Hispanic culture, musicians and music. I'm super-lucky to have met her and embroidered a few projects for her current book, Embroidered Effects. She's kind, funny, inspired, and an amazing artist.

My conversation with Jenny is about inspiration - in short, the inspiration she has been to me. Thanks, Jenny, for bringing embroidery back to us all - for showing us how cool, edgy, fun, cute, and beautiful it can be!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Conversations: Georgia McDonald

Conversations: Georgia McDonald
1. tee hee by me 2. The Princess and the Pea (in progress...) by Georgia
3. monkey face by me 4. A very woolly bear by Georgia

Georgia McDonald is an amazing crafter who really knows her way around embroidery. I found her first when stumbling on her beautiful Princess and the Pea embroidery, which you have probably seen already, but even if you have, just take a look at it again, it is out of this world, delicate and inspiring. You'll frequently see her embroidering Follow the White Bunny patterns, and her fill-in stitches and choice of colors always bring them to life in a delightful way. She is also a gifted quilter and crafter, using her sense of color to make beautiful things.

My conversation with Georgia is about all things whimsical, sweet, and textured. Thank you Georgia, for inspiring me every time I click through to your stream!

Conversations: Drewzel

Conversations: drewzel
1. dapper tomato by me 2. dapper tomato by Steph
3. finished! by me 4. girl and flowers by Steph

Steph, or drewzel, as she is known on Flickr, is a very generous crafter who admins the Hoop Love Vintage Transfers pool, and an old Flickr friend for me.

Steph has a huge collection of vintage transfers herself, and does some fabulous embroidery with them. We got to know each other thanks to our mutual passion for transfers, particularly Vogart transfers. However, after the Vogart debacle, we removed all of our Vogart stuff (which is why that transfer image top left is not available). :( In any case, I still keep up with the incredibly talented and hilarious Steph, although it's now more on Facebook than Flickr. But I never thoroughly thanked her for all her inspiration and generosity in our transfer-sharing days, and really wanted to here.

So my conversation with Steph is of course, about vintage cuteness. Thanks, Steph, for being such a good Flickr friend, for your generosity, and for your hilariousness! :)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Conversations: Penny Nickels

Conversations: Penny Nickels
1. La Sirena by me 2. Embroidered Arachne Postage Stamp by Penny
3. hello! by me 4. Triarthrus Becki Trilobite ATC by Penny

Penny Nickel's embroidery has stunned me since the first time I saw it in the Embroidery pool. To see what I mean, just take a look at this piece, which I think was the first I ever saw of her work. I love the sketchy way she handles lines, as if she is truly drawing with her thread. Incorporating embroidery and sewing, her finished works are amazing.

I love her choice of unusual subjects, but just a warning that if you're offended by graphic themes in embroidery (that makes me giggle even as I type it), you might not want to click over, or save the clickthrough for a non-work computer. :) In short, she's another one of the trailblazers who aren't afraid to shake up embroidery and show you something a little different.

My conversation with Penny Nickels is about tiny works, sketchy lines, and trilobites. Yes, trilobites. :) Thanks, Penny, for making embroidery exciting, a bit wild, and incredibly artful!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Conversations: Geninne

Conversations: Geninne
1. lovely mistakes by me 2. A hat, a scarf & a cane by Geninne
3. pillowcase for a dear friend.... by me 4. Hello Love by Geninne

Geninne's talent leaves me breathless. I've followed her work ever since finding her in a random search on Flickr, and her talent is extraordinary. Geninne has an Etsy shop, and if you stop by Urban Outfitters, you may be lucky enough to find some of her licensed prints being sold there.

I probably found Geninne first for her embroidery and crafts. But then I stumbled on her gorgeous watercolor and ink illustrations, and I was truly hooked. Her journals are unbelievable - a magical world where color, form, and ink transform the blandest page into something sublime. I love how effortless her art seems - although exquisitely detailed, rendering these perfect forms seems to come so naturally to her. I love the photos of her studio, and the way she invites you into her creative process. And, of course, I love that she loves birds. :)

I also enjoy Geninne's frequent illustrations of Bible verses. She has a way of elegantly and beautifully reducing their meaning into a very visible, powerful symbolism. There's something about the simplicity of that language that tells me it speaks of great faith and hope.

My conversation with Geninne is about pride, birds, watercolor, and artwork. Thank you, Geninne, for inspiring us all with your flawless work, and for the friendliness with which you invite us into your world. This world is truly richer for your work!


deep red leaf

Just a quick non-conversations post so I can share some pics of leaves popping up in my camera of late. I don't know if I love fall, but ever since I moved to New York, I do enjoy it so much more. I suppose it's because in NY we have a "real fall" as opposed to the lame and inconsistent coolness we experience in south Texas. But there's something in particular about leaves changing color and falling and gathering all around that makes me feel peaceful. I remember all the happy excitement of Halloween creeping up, when I was a child, the way the nights suddenly got so much darker and interiors of houses grew cozier and warmer by degrees....


I love the white gray mist that hangs on things, obscuring tops of buildings and people in fog. I used to hate gray days but I finally realized this year, that thanks to NY, I've come to love them. The whole city quiets itself - you can have the park to yourself, sidewalks clear out, and as the cars pass you hear the whoosh and swish of wet tires on wet roads. The sky, in its fog, seems intimate, and hugs you close, like an old friend. And the rain is an extra, cold caress that reminds your skin of former things. Ok, fall, I love you. :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Conversations: elsie*cake

Conversations: .elsie*cake.
1. gloves bought today by me 2. little camper (WIP)... by Elsie
3. worry doll necklace by me 4. i like purple and aqua. by Elsie

Here's what I know about Elsie (or, elsie*cake, on Flickr) - she endlessly inspires me! She has a blog and an online store called Red Velvet Art which also has a great blog.

I find myself favoriting her pics on a daily basis, but it wasn't until I actually sat down and clicked through her entire stream that I realized how many of her images I loved. Seriously, just do it people, take a look. I'm enamored with her use of bright, gorgeous color, the sense of fun in all her photos and her vibrant, artistic personality that comes through in everything she does. I also love her sense of personal style - that she's not afraid to have fun with her clothes and be totally unique and unusual.

My conversation with Elsie is about color - in particular, the vibrant blue I found in so many of her photos. Thanks, Elsie, for being such an inspiration to me and everyone!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Conversations: Green bean baby

Conversations: Greenbeanbaby
1. details, details... by me 2. floss those teeth- cut paper illustration by Ellia
3. humbert by me 4. i have to cough- illustration by Ellia

This is not the first time I mention Ellia on this blog, or greenbeanbaby, as you may know her from Flickr or her blog. Ellia has an Etsy shop where she sells her amazingly hand-crafted paper wares.

I met Ellia through a Holiday swap, in which I crafted a felt version of one of her cut-paper characters (above left in the mosaic). What stuns me about Ellia is her artist's dedication to exquisite detail. You must order something from her (extremely frugally priced) shop to understand what I'm talking about. She cuts each miniscule shape by hand. Her imagination and creativity know no bounds, something a look through her work will show in 10 seconds. She has a very distinctive style that is so sweet, unusual and appealing. She's super-generous with her talent, posting tutorials and step-by-step help in getting started in paper craft. But it's of course her stunning talent at making that sets her apart. I love that she's a bit "geeky", drawing inspiration from video game, movie, and comic book characters. She's a sweet, wonderful person, to make a long story short.

My conversation with Ellia is about her talent: cut paper art. Don't pass up the opportunity to visit her photo stream or shop, as you will not regret it! Thank you Ellia, for bringing beauty and exquisitely crafted art to the internet!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


yellow leaves

Just a quick pic from my Sunday walk. How I love yellow leaves.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Conversations: Beefranck

Conversations: Beefranck
1. I was thinking of Frida Kahlo by me 2. Robot Cross Stitch by Bridget
3. what happens when I'm bored... by me 4. Get away from my Grandma by Bridget

Bridget, or Beefranck, as you may know her on Flickr, is the mastermind behind some very snarky, very hilarious cross-stitching. She blogs over at MrXStitch, a blog I like to think of as Feeling Stitchy's cool, older cousin that gets to tell all the dirty jokes without getting in trouble. :) She sells her hilariously dark sayings in her Etsy shop.

I love Bridget's work, first and foremost, because I LOVE the idea of shaking up craft. I'm big into dark humor, cynicism, and snarkiness - a side of me that isn't always apparent here, because I adore, in equal measures, all things cute. Which is why I love her work all the more because her samplers and blackwork combine cuteness and darkness so neatly. They're not for the faint of heart, however, and depending on who's looking over your shoulder at work (and may or may not promote you), you might want to save the clickthrough for home. In short, I love her work because I've had equally unusual craft tendencies - I mean, who cross stitches a Frida Kahlo-inspired reindeer with bloody arrows in it? Or underwear with double entendres? I'd like to think, the same type of person that embroiders a Radiohead quote. Or a Flight of the Conchords quote. :)

My conversation with Bridget is all about keeping crafting fun, weird, and mildly inappropriate. Thanks, Bridget, for putting a bit of NSFW in our crafting lives, and a whole lot of hilariousness. And for being the cool older cousin. :)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Conversations: Danielle Thompson

Conversations: Danielle Thompson
1. me by me 2. Untitled by Danielle
3. Untitled by Danielle 4. me by me

Danielle lives in a truly candy-colored world. Of all the Flickr contacts that I follow (almost religiously), Danielle stands alone in having such a unique point of view, sense of color, and composition that I recognize her photos without even looking at the byline. She has a blog which is so full of candy-like, dreamy inspiration that it will make your head spin. She has an Etsy shop, and a blog where she sells her amazing graphic kits called Kitschy Digitals.

I love the rigorous way she edits her images to create photos that aren't merely photos, but almost confections. I'm amazed by how consistently lovely her style is - to me that sets her work apart as that of an artist. I view myself as one of those hit-or-miss peeps that occasionally takes a pretty picture, but Danielle is an artist that consistently creates.

My conversation with Danielle is about color, mood, and frothiness. Thank you, Danielle, for giving us a window through which to view such color, such sweetness, such art and dreaminess!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Conversations: Therese

Conversations: Therese
1. let me put on my doll face by me 2. Pink doll vintage cake toppers by Terry
3. necklace by me 4. White semi-translucent bead rosary by Terry

Terry is the woman behind the uber-sweet blog Softies Central, the Softie Awards, and a number of cute books like Softies, the Softies Kit, and Zakka Sewing. She also has an Etsy shop where she sells lovely vintage items.

I met Terry after winning a Softie Award for my felt owl townhouse way back in March 2007. She's a warm, friendly person with a vision for cuteness - even the restaurant we met in - Kitchenette, was cute. :) We chatted about all kinds of stuff, but mostly what it's like to craft and blog and interact with perfect strangers over the internet. She was the first blogger I've met in person, and she was every bit as kind as she came across online. She invited me to the book event where I met Cal and Linda, and the 3 of them were the trifecta of kind, crafty people I've met in New York. I love her eye for tiny details, and how she is a true 'appreciater' of crafts - she's that person we all craft for, who sees and loves every detail in the things we do.

My conversation with Terry is about those tiny details, and vintage things. Thank you Terry, for inviting me into your world, and brightening mine with all of your discoveries!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Violet Hour

on a walk

My conversations post isn't ready just yet, so instead I'm sharing a song with you that I've been listening to obsessively, love, it just makes me feel so truly happy inside. :)

The link isn't really a video, so you don't have to watch, just listen:

The Violet Hour

Your lips are nettles
Your tongue is wine
Your laughter's liquid
But your body's pine

You love all sailors
But hate the beach
You say "Come touch me"
But you're always out of reach

In the dark you tell me of a flower
that only blooms in the violet hour

Your arms are lovely
Yellow and rose
Your back`s a meadow
Covered in snow

Your thighs are thistles
and hot-house grapes
You breathe your sweet breath
And have me wait

In the dark you tell me of a flower
that only blooms in the violet hour

I turn the lights out
I clean the sheets
You change the station
Turn up the heat

And now you`re sitting
Upon your chair
You`ve got me tangled up
Inside your beautiful black hair

In the dark you tell me of a flower
that only blooms in the violet hour

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Conversations: Lindamade

Conversations: Lindamade
1. Sew Kitty facing the right way by me 2. contemplating by Linda
3. closeup by me 4. Buttons by Linda

Linda is a fabulous crafter you may already know from her blog and her numerous projects in craft publications like Crochet Today, Craft, and Craft Stylish. She also has a new book called Crochet Adorned and an Etsy shop where you can purchase her patterns and handmade items.

Remember that awesome crafty magazine that lived on the shelves for far too short a time, Adorn? Well, Linda was the founding Craft and Decorating Editor - so if you recall the beautiful, spunky, awesome ideas in there (like that awesome magazine cover above), she had a hand in making them! I met Linda when she was working at Adorn, and what I remember most about her was that she was wearing the most awesome hand-decorated sneakers. I really, really wanted to snap a pic of them but I was too shy. :) You may also remember Linda from her Hope For Jasenn Etsy store, in which she donated all proceeds to her brother-in-law's fight against cancer. I was moved to see the number of people who responded to help Linda, and it was my first experience with grief on the internet. Even when we lose the people who are dear to us, together we manage to build a network of joy and hope.

My conversation with Linda is about craftiness, spunk, cats, and and cat-eye glasses. Thank you Linda, for being a wonderful crafty friend, online and in person, for sharing your hope, joy, and craftiness with everyone. Make Texas beautiful, my friend! :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Conversations: Hodge Podge Farm

Conversations: Hodge Podge Farm
1. hazy by me 2. batik smock with crochet by Cal
3. in my hat by me 4. red cloche by Cal

Cal was one of the first bloggers I met in real life, but I did meet her before I "met" her blog. Cal is a clothing designer and multi-crafter, teaching classes in embroidery, sewing, crochet, knitting, and more, here in NYC. She's just published an awesome-looking new book called Design-It-Yourself Clothes - I literally just found that out and I am so excited for her - yippee! :) She has a wonderful blog that will let you know about all her new clothing, classes, and doings. She sells her one-of-a-kind clothing and crafts in her Etsy store. She's also a contributor on Craft Stylish.

I met Cal at a book release party and I was charmed by her warm, quiet and friendly personality. Cal was also the person who introduced me to the Madewell peeps, for which I am eternally grateful - thanks to her I've done many Denim After Dark events at their store. Oh, and she also has an incredibly cute chihuahua named Gertie. Blogging and emails are fun, but there's nothing like actually meeting a crafter like Cal and working with her - seeing the fun things she's wearing, and the way her love of making permeates her existence. Cal is really kind, easygoing and generous.

My conversation with Cal is about what we wear - colors and tones and textures and moods. Thank you Cal, for being my first crafty friend in New York and making this chilly city so much warmer with your friendship and generosity!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Winter clothing


The one thing I love about the vicious little cold snaps in New York is that I can pull out all my tweeds, tights, soft sweaters, and shining shoes. All these cozy layers under a coat and umbrella, even in a downpour, just feel happy.


Also, these shoes make me crazy happy. :)

P.s. - For those who asked - I bought the shoes on clearance at Payless this summer. It's my favorite place to score patent leather shoes. :)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

New friends


I was feeling a bit lonely today and decided the new apartment needed a few new friends. :)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Conversations: Jane

Conversations: Jane
1. monkey faces by me 2. Applique Flowers by Jane
3. quite pink by me 4. Rose Slip @ 15 Hours Work by Jane

Jane, or Laren, is another incredibly talented stitcher and crafter I met through Flickr and the Embroidery group. You can see some of her meticulous and detailed projects on her blog. She also blogged with us at Feeling Stitchy, mixing descriptions of traditional and historic needlework with simple, straightforward, sweet projects. Her knowledge and skill are out of this world and I was honored to have her help us.

Jane sews amazing historical pieces, bookbinds, knits, quilts, and embroiders gorgeous Elizabethan era designs. In short, she is, as I already mentioned, incredibly talented. She also created a Vogart pattern wiki which was a wonderful resource for collectors and embroiderers. She's generous with her time and expertise, and is an inspiration to all of us newbie crafters.

My conversation with Jane contains just a tiny glimpse of her talent, please look at her photo stream for more. Thank you, Jane, for sharing your talent with us, and bringing a glimpse of historical beauty to our lives!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Conversations: Wren's Nest

Conversations: Wren's nest
1. her heart by me 2. Small Ex Voto with Santos by Jackie
3. pieces by me 4. Sachets Ready to Be Stuffed by Jackie

Jackie, or Wren's Nest on Flickr, is a lovely, generous blogger I first met through a Tea Towel swap she was hosting. She has a blog and online store called Dreams of France full of wonderful, dreamy little items. Jackie also blogged with us in our first year at Feeling Stitchy, making great inspiration mosaics.

I'm not ashamed to stay I still have the beautiful towels she embroidered for me folded up and saved away for the unlikely event that I will ever actually use them. :) They're just so gorgeously stitched I can't do it. :) Looking through Jackie's photostream I'm struck by the details she notices -I suppose all of us crafters have this eye for detail, for repeating motifs that bring us comfort or joy. I love the ex votos in her stream, like the one above, and the quiet, understated mood in all her photos.

My conversation with Jackie includes a taste of her craft and little details. Thank you Jackie, for your sweet personality, your kindness, and your inspiration!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Conversations: Old School Acres

Conversations: Old School Acres
1. monkey painting: il fait froid by me 2. owl by Laurie
3. bananaquit at a bar by me 4. bird by Laurie

Laurie, or Old School Acres, as you may know her from Flickr, or her blog, is another wonderful blogger to whom a thanks is overdue. Laurie blogged with us on Feeling Stitchy last year, posting many wonderful tutorials and features.

Probably, though, the way you'll recognize Laurie immediately is by her amazing owls. I am always fascinated when crafters and artists strike out on their own, creating something so unique and beautiful and completely theirs. Laurie's owls are radiant, impeccably detailed, and gorgeous. If you are lucky enough, you can snap up some of Laurie's hand-embroidered baby shoes or owls in her Etsy shop.

My conversation with Laurie is about color and liveliness and life. Thank you Laurie, for bringing all of those things to Feeling Stitchy, for your generosity, your love of the little things, and your commitment to making such radiantly beautiful things we can all enjoy.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Conversations: kunderwood

Conversations: kunderwood
1. closeup by me 2. twinkle in her eye by Kristi
3. thimble guy by me 4. peanut 3 by Kristi

Kristi, or kunderwood is no stranger to you if you hang around the Embroidery group. She has a craft blog which you must visit for inspiration. She really knows her way around a French knot! She's a sweetheart, something that comes through in her emails and in the projects she works on.

Her work is all about the details, and all you have to see to recognize her beautiful skills is a good closeup, like this, or this, or this. Her skill blows me away! I love the vivid colors she chooses, the printed fabrics she uses, her chunky (or very delicate) stitches, and the cute motifs she embroiders.

My conversation with Kristi includes a bit of Sublime Stitching, and some seriously cute anthropomorphic characters. Thank you Kristi, for being such a kind, sweet person, and for bringing your talent and inspiration to the Embroidery group!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Conversations: amyleigh

Conversations: amyleigh
1. Letter I by me 2. Botanical Applique by Amy
3. morning walk by me 4. tennies today by Amy

Amy, or Ibby Bee, or amyleigh, on Flickr, is a kind blogger I go way back with - she was with us in our earliest days at Feeling Stitchy. She did all kinds of great tutorials, and book reviews, including this lovely cross-stitch design, and one of my absolute favorites, this little dancing girl. She has a blog, and you can see her beautiful photography on Flickr.

I love that Amy has the crafting spirit, and tries so many different crafts, and does them all so well. I feel this thank you to her comes late, as I never fully thanked her for all the help she gave on Feeling Stitchy, but I do hope she finds it!

My conversation with Amy contains brightness and crafting and the fun, weird quirk we seem to share of photographing our feet. :) Thank you Amy, for your warmth and craftiness and generosity!

Tia Cristina

Tia Cristina
July 1961 - my Tia and my oldest brother

My Tia died on Thursday while crossing the street to catch a bus. She was my mother's baby sister, but of course was no longer a "baby" - she was a mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. The last time I saw her was at my dad's funeral in February. She was kind, very quiet and soft-spoken, and had a wonderful laugh. I suppose no one understands why things like this happen. Or why so many things like this happen. By the way, if you click through to the article, do yourself a favor and don't read the comments. Or, do read the comments, but only if you'd like to see that racism is alive and well in Texas. :(

This is my favorite photo of her - baby-sitting for my mom when she was still just a teenager (?). That's my oldest brother, hamming it up. :) We thank you for your life, your laugh, your faith, your kindness. May you rest, Tia.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Conversations: Kajsa

Conversations: Kajsa
1. Holiday monkeys in a row by me 2. Tomte gang by Kajsa
3. hope you had a happy Holiday by me 4. c is for... mini art quilt by Kajsa

Kajsa, or -syko- is a wonderful artist whose beautiful, unique work you may have seen on Flickr. Seeing Kajsa's work is a beautiful revelation of the way talent and artistry manifest themselves. I believe crafting is something that anyone can (and should) engage in and enjoy. But when an artist brings their unique gifts and vision to craft, it is breathtaking to watch, and it is very clear to me that Kajsa is an artist. She has a website, Etsy shop, and a blog. I was honored to have her blog with us on Feeling Stitchy in our first year.

The pieces I used above don't even begin to represent her talent - you must see more to understand: like this, or this, or this, or this. I could literally go on all day, and in fact, I would rather not include my images at all in the mosaic, I love her work so much. As crafters, I find we all borrow and exchange ideas and motifs in our work, often working the same patterns in different ways. But Kajsa's work is so unique and inspired that I recognize it immediately as something very individual. I love her sense of color, shape, and texture, and her expertise at mixing machined work, hand embroidery, and applique.

My conversation with Kajsa include color, lines, and textures. Thank you Kajsa, for bringing your unique style and individuality to the crafting world, and for inspiring us all with your artistry!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Conversations: Rickrack Queen

Conversations: Rickrack Queen
1. special effects bridal photo by me 2. mochi bunny and kitty by Carol
3. Happy Birthday by me 4. bottle aprons 002 by Carol

Carol, or Rickrack Queen is a crafter I found in my earliest days on Flickr, but I first saw her awesome vintage embroidery projects on Craftster. She's an admin of the Embroidery group, and was probably one of the first people I ever invited to the group! Carol's blog was probably the first blog I ever added to my daily feed and I must say my absolute favorite thing about Carol's blog are her amazing Halloween costumes. A giant ball of yarn! Her genius and humor truly rock.

She has an Etsy store with lots of adorable stuff, check it out! I first noticed Carol for her embroidery - she, too, loves kitschy vintage patterns and Sublime Stitching stuff, often incorporating them into sweet handmade quilts. One thing I love about Carol is her just 'get in there and do it' attitude - she's less worried about things being perfect and is not afraid to just try something new. For her, craft is all about enjoying what you do, and it's that attitude which endlessly inspires me, too. :)

My conversation with Carol is about crafting and color and just taking joy in the things that you do. Thank you Carol, for being an online friend for such a long time, for encouraging me with your very presence and spunk. It has been an honor to share in your experiences! :)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Conversations: Sweet Jessie

Conversations: Sweet Jessie
1. for my mother's birthday by me 2. scalloped fabric garland by Jessie
3. finished! by me 4. Senorita by Jessie

Jessie, or sweetjessie, on Flickr is a kind and generous crafter I met in my early days of blogging. She has her own blog and an Etsy shop which you must check out, if for no other reason than to race to buy that fantabulous vintage sheet scalloped bunting! There's only one left, and it's taken me all the self-control known to man not to buy it.

Jessie blogged with us at Feeling Stitchy, doing series of great interviews with stitchers last year called Stitchy Woman. :) Jessie is kind, supportive of other crafters, and each time I check her blog she is mentioning and giving props to some new crafty business. It's people like Jessie who make the crafting community a wonderful place: always quick to lend a hand and say an encouraging word. Oh, and of course, she also stitches and sews. Her color palette is light, colorful, candy-colored, and sweet.

My conversation with Jessie is a true back and forth - each of us speaking in craft in our own color dialects: she in turquoise and pastels and me in reds and corals and dark tones. Thanks, Jessie, for being a kind and wonderful crafter, and inspiring all of us with your lovely world!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Conversations: Average Jane Crafter

Conversations: Average Jane Crafter
1. jitterbug girl by me 2. Zombie Jitterbug Girl by Rachel
3. gold shoes find love by me 4. found heart ... in a pickle by Rachel

Rachel, or as you may know her on Flickr - Average Jane Crafter is a supremely awesome crafter and person. I'm pretty sure I first met her through blogging - her blog has pretty much been awesome from the get-go. She's another one of those sweet, wonderful crafters I've had the honor to watch progress. I was crazy excited for her when all of a sudden, I saw that she was blogging for Craftzine. Yes, she's that amazing woman combing through umpteen blogs culling out the most wonderful bits to inspire you. Doing that job alone wins my respect, but of course, she's a mom, too, she teaches at Stitch Lab, and if you're lucky you'll see her pop up at Craftzine's booth in various crafty fairs.

As you can see above, she has (literally) a killer sense of humor. :) I will never get over how hard I laughed when I saw the awesomeness that was Zombie Jitterbug girl. I remember posting that pattern to my vintage transfers blog hoping someone would see how insanely creepy that pattern was and do a riff on it. Well, leave it up to Rachel, to do the greatest riff of all time on that puppy. And more dark humor? Take a look at this, which is the greatest public service announcement to check your Halloween candy that I have ever seen. :) But her sense of humor is just one small part - she's also sweet and generous and of course, an amazing stitcher. She was one of the peeps stitching on Jenny's new Embroidered Effects book, and if you thumb through a copy, you'll see why.

I love that she loves birds, flowers, science, and considers herself a "geek". I myself feel like a geeky, nerdy crafter, and the geek in me seriously hearts the geek in Rachel. :)

So, my conversation with Rachel of course includes my fave piece of all time from her, and a bit of the love she shares with all of us lucky peeps online. Thanks, Rachel, for making the craft blogging world feel less like a big, crazy mish-mash, and more like an intimate, funny, encouraging, inspiring community. You are the best, my friend!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Conversations: Beetastic

Conversations: Beetastic
1. my favorite bee by me 2. My Towel for the TTT III swap by Rebekah
3. closeup on the little wrestler by me 4. Luche Libre (UH Nacho Libre) by Rebekah

Rebekah, or Beetastic, as she is known on Flickr, is another sweetheart I met on the internet. I'm not sure how I first connected with her, but I have a feeling it was through our shared interest in embroidery on Flickr. She has a blog, an Etsy store, and you can find her on Ravelry.

She loves vintage kitschy embroidery patterns as much as I do, and has shared many of them on Flickr: check them out! She's been involved in many Craftster swaps, and is yet another multi-crafter who knits, crochets, and sews. I love the color, sweetness, and delicate detail in her work.

My conversation with Rebekah includes some of the fun, color, and humor that brought us together. Thank you Rebekah, both for your kindness and generosity, and the talent and inspiration you share with all of us!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Conversations: Kittykill

Conversations: Kittykill
1. fun Needlecrafter pattern by me 2. pin up pillowcase 2 by Pam
3. by the window by me 4. ghastly one by Pam

Pam, or kittykill is fabulous person I first met through Craftster - she's moderator of the ultra-fun, awesome Needlework section. Pam has her own blog, Faster Kittykill, where you'll find hilarious pictures and stories about her dogs, scrappy dog features, movie reviews, crafter interviews, and even drink suggestions.

She is hilarious, gorgeous, sassy, daring and probably about 1000 times cooler than my nerd self. Oh, and of course, she stitches. She has an Etsy shop where she sells hand-embroidered goodness. She's also an Admin of the Flickr Embroidery group, and blogs with us on Feeling Stitchy. When she's not doing all this, she works with domestic abuse survivors day and night. I have immense respect and admiration for her - through all of this she's incredibly kind, warm, funny, and full of joie de vivre.

My conversation with Pam contains just a little of her beautiful stitching - be sure to check Craftster and Flickr for more. Thank you Pam, for making me laugh every time I read your blog, FB, FS, and Craftster posts, and for endlessly inspiring me. You make the internet truly rock! :)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Conversations: Eydie

Conversations: Eydie
1. a little something by me 2. Finished! by me
3. alice in wonderland by Eydie 4. details story quilt collage by Eydie

Like most really talented artists, it is very hard to reduce Eydie (or shebrews, on Flickr) to just a few words. For one, she is very generous! Our Flickr friendship began when she offered to donate a few transfers for my vintage transfers blog, only to send me a huge box of over 50 sheets! She's also blogged with us at Feeling Stitchy for the past 2 years, contributing so many carefully thought out tutorials and projects.

Now, there's Eydie the artist. She's an accomplished artist and works in many media -I'm absolutely fascinated by her delicate acrylic illustrations on book pages. They're incredibly detailed and gorgeous. Also, she of course embroiders, does fabric and paper collage, makes little stuffed creatures, and art quilts.

I love the childlike, dreamy quality and love of fantasy in her work - it's like a fairy tale unfolding. My conversation with Eydie includes these dreamlike elements and natural wonder. Thanks, Eydie, for being generous and sharing with all of us, your talent and inspiration!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Conversations: sewitsforyou

Conversations: sewitsforyou
1. closeup on finished Spanish girl by me 2. Cute Little Heads Bib by Julie
3. wispy by me 4. Girl Angel Up Close by Julie

Julie, or sewitsforyou is another crafter I met through Flickr and Craftster. I probably found her first through her cute stitch-ups of Sublime Stitching patterns, but she loves stitching all kinds of stuff, peek at her blog to see more. She has an Etsy shop with lots of cute stuff, take a look.

It's odd how you feel like you get to know a person when you become Flickr contacts, as you click through weddings, events, and all the tiny novelties that make up life. What comes through in Julie's pics and projects is her humor, love of color, kindness, and a little bit of sass. :) One last connection - when I was grieving over my dad's passing I tried not to talk about it too much here, or to anyone. I've always been the type that internalizes what is going on, because sometimes it's too heavy to express. But I can't say how comforting it was to read Julie's emails which were always kind and supportive, and literally held my hand through all of it. Also, Julie just had a beautiful baby boy, and his name is Sam. He was named after a family member, but that was also my dad's name. To me it's a wonderful picture of the circle of life. Nothing really is lost. Memories and beauty and people leave us in one form, but come back into the world in another.

My conversation with Julie includes stitching and loveliness. Thank you Julie, for your kindness, your undying love of Flight of the Conchords, and that little bit of sass! ;)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Conversations: Sally

Conversations: Sally
1. embroidering my skirt by me 2. Kristen's needlecase - up close by Sally
3. Sew Kitty facing the right way by me 4. Kristen's needlecase - green by Sally

Sally is another kind and wonderful crafter I met on Flickr. She was with us on Feeling Stitchy for our first two years, she's active in swaps, and is a multi-crafter who's gifted at embroidery, crochet, sewing and more. She also has a brand new Etsy store.

Sally is an Australian crafter, which never ceases to fascinate me - I love how crafting and blogging has become a medium to unite so many unique individuals together so we can learn from each other, send each other goodies, and be a part of each other's visual experiences. I owe her a swap, but more than that I owe her a thank you for being such a kind and thoughtful online friend.

My conversation with Sally includes lots of what brought us together - of course: embroidery! Thank you Sally, for being a part of my world. :)

Conversations: Susie

Conversations: Susie
1. little owlet by me 2. Owl Pouch by Susie
3. Untitled by me 4. Birthday Bunting by Susie

Susie is another crafter I've been delighted to watch grow and progress. I've kept up with her Flickr stream and her blog since my earliest days on Flickr. I love that she loves Japanese felt mascots, crochet, knitting and embroidery. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if she's also good at woodworking, basketweaving, glassblowing, and moonwalking, she's so good at every single thing she does!

Susie also blogs for Craft Critique and has an Etsy shop. One of the things that really makes me very bittersweet-ly happy is the loving way she chronicles her grandmother's crafts. It's such a lovely testament to the beauty of sharing craft across generations - it really is a language we use to speak to each other, tell each other what's important, and share our love with each other.

My conversation with Susie is bright, colorful, and felt-filled. Thanks Susie for filling my life with color, depth, happiness, and emotion. You're a truly lovely person!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Conversations: Chris

Conversations: Chris
1. Walk by Chris 2. my skirt + New York + rain by me
3. Self-Portrait by Chris 4. silhouette of a strange girl by me

Chris is one of those really kind people you meet every once in awhile, while blogging. I must have found her first through her embroidery, but I've loved watching her progress in paintings and sketches, and her self-portrait challenge last year.

There are 2 more things I love about Chris - first she is tough! She's the second person I know of in blogland who was mugged, and instead of letting the fear overpower her, she was able to get back out there, and let her life return to to normal again. I can't imagine how scared I would be if the same thing happened to me. Second thing - her boyfriend is in a band, so she posts lots of pics of their traveling back and forth, and gigs. She's one of those people who make blogging feel like it involves real people, instead of just screen names. I love her for her bravery, her creativity, and her downright friendliness.

My conversation with Chris combines just a few shared things. I want to thank her for being so kind and forthright, and caring. Thanks, Chris!