Friday, December 10, 2010

The perils of knitting far, far too much

I should have known it was going to get ugly - up there you can see Hat #5 and Hat #6, both of which I knitted in one day. Apparently, there's only so much knitting the human body was expected to do, and I have been exceeding my quota. :) I've had a doozy of a backache last night and today, but.... at least I have hats to show for it. :)

Hat #7, or my first beret

There is my first beret, knit from a pattern suggested by my sweet friend Julia (p.s. Ramona, here's the pattern). I was doing a great job until close to the very end, when juggling the stitch markers got really hairy. So a few slipped off, and I suppose it's not perfect, but I still very much like my first beret.

I finished The Vampire Diaries, season 4 of Lost, and I'm halfway through Dead Like Me, which is quirky, bizarre, and fun. Yes, I know I'm late to the party on all of these, but I consider the past few months to be catch-up on all the TV I've never watched. :) Any suggestions for more fun, quirky shows to add to my queue? (P.s. Molly I'm already a fan of True Blood and Glee! :)

Oh, but the back is really killing me! Have any of you knitters had any similar knitting injuries? Suggestions on how to treat / avoid them? Yes, I know the most obvious answer is: stop knitting, but I'm hoping there are other coping methods. :)

I really love all the knitting comments you've been leaving!