Saturday, September 10, 2011

Stitching Saturday: Winner(s)!

Okay, I must admit that I loved all of your names, but 2 in particular had my heart: "Higgins" because my little guy is shaped exactly like Higgins and "Biscuit" because well, how can you not love a blue monster named "Biscuit." In a vain attempt to choose one, I did a thorough scan of Lime Riot's blog and Dani's Flickr stream for some background, and I saw that Mrs. Lime Riot is an awesome knitter and crafter who has already stitched quite a few monsters, (so I don't think she needs another copy of the book) but I did want to reward her genius!

So I decided to award 3 prizes!
- Addi needles for LimeRiot
- The Big Book of Knitted Monsters and Addi needles for Dani

Dani is also a fabulous knitter, and I pretty much fell in love with her blog when I read the following:
"If you aren't smart enough to listen and look for cars while you skateboard down the middle of the street, well then, perhaps you ought to be pancaked on the road and removed from the gene pool, whippersnapper!!"

I, too, am a grump who knits and freely uses the word whippersnapper! This prize was clearly meant for you. I think we are grumpmates. ;)

Ladies, please contact me by email at unafloresita AT gmail DOT com with your addresses and preferred Addi needle size. :)

Thanks, everybody for entering! My post was linked from another blog, which brought me a lot of new visitors - thank you so much for dropping by. :) Hope you all enjoyed this and are ready for even more knitting. :)


Dani said...

oh BOY!! I've never won ANYthing before!!! And I swear I'm not always grumpy! =)
You never did tell us which name you ultimately gave him. I think Higgins is cute, too!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the winners!!!!!

LimeRiot said...

Oh yay!! I'm so thrilled to have been selected. THANK YOU!!

Swapna said...

I'm having a Give away